Halfway Through 2013

Checking in on my Bucket List…


2013 is more than halfway over.  In January, I made a Bucket List instead of resolutions.  Looking back at it today, I realized that I skipped number 6.  I am thinking that I had written something about weight loss, and deleted it because I didn’t want to focus on pounds.  I am trying to remind myself to think about being heathy.  Which is hard right now, since I have relapsed.  Stress has forced me out of remission, into the bathroom, and upping my dosage of meds.  This infuriates me because I have worked so hard to avoid inflammatory foods, and exercise to avoid taking so much medication.  I was even planning a blog where I share my new dosage versus the old one.

I am hoping to up the dosage for this month only, and then slowly taper off again.  So, here are the nine things I said I wanted to do this year…

 Kacy’s Bucket List for 2013:

1.  Go on a hot air balloon ride.  (maybe for my birthday in May…)

 Not Yet!

2.  Get a new flat iron.  (just waiting on the Ulta sale!)

Check!  and a new blow dryer too! 

3.  Go on an awesome trip.  (Booked- Punta Cana 2/23)

Check!  it was awesome! Complete with a photo shoot

4.  Ride on  a Segway.  (Already bought the Groupon!)

Check!  And fun, and hilarious, and I recommend! 

5.  Try out FlyWheel and FlyBarre.  (I can go for free now, so there is no excuse)

Flywheel check!

7.  Get a new puppy this summer.  (list of names already written out)

Toby wasn’t on the names list, but we are absolutely smitten! 

8.  Get a white ink tattoo.  (design and artist already chosen)

Not Yet!

9.  Do a revolved bird of paradise.  (yoga move)

Not yet!  Bound and ready though! 

10.  Take a yoga workshop in Asheville.

Asheville came to me!


So it looks like I have the rest of the year to get my white ink tattoo, ride a hot air ballon, try Flybarre, and do a revolved bird of paradise.

And for that number 6 I forgot?  I am going to add it now…

6.  Stop remembering what God has forgotten.  Psalm 103:12.  Love this. 


My two favorite little boys! 

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