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Hope the  week is treating everyone well!  I had a little check up on Monday with my gastro doctor and things are looking up for me!  Yay!   I am now in what they call medically-induced remission.  I know I am taking two medications, but I consider food to be medicine too.  I know when I eat to fuel and nourish my body, that is when I feel the best!


Lots of low carb  eats this week!  Above- Broiled Sausage (use the broiler pan to catch the grease) and homemade coleslaw.  I toss the cabbage with lemon juice, then add olive oil mayo and dill weed.


Strawberries have been on our table almost every night this week!


And always carrots and cucumbers…the only two vegetables my son will eat right now! I always serve a fruit and a veggie with dinner.


Two separate Chick Fil A trips.  (I love their nugget/fries and especially the sauce, so I am really proud of these two trips.)  Top is cobb salad…I asked for grilled chicken instead of fried. (topped with avacado lime dressing) The bottom is an 8-count of the new “backyard” grilled nuggets.  I was starving after taking my friend Michelle’s Pure Barre class the other day and happy with my choice in the drive through!  A snack of these grilled nuggets cost me about 150 calories and punched in around 23 grams of protein.

IMG_6286This was one of my favorites!  It is very similar the tuna/avocado salad I did last week.  I changed it up using chicken, avocado and chopped pecans.


Caprese Salad…This is one of my summer staples!  I have a little herb garden that my amazing husband and kids replant for me every mothers day.  This year I have basil, cilantro and dill weed.  All my favorites!  I love going out to pick my own basil for this salad.  I drizzled with balsamic, and sliced avocado instead of drizzling olive oil.  (Which I love too…  I had to hurry and use my avocados because you know how avocados can be.  My friend Katie posted this earlier.  Hilarious!)


Bella Fresca Café:  First time here…loved it!  I will go again and recommend it–super clean, delicious, and friendly staff.   I got the Greek salad with lamb.  It was amazing.  I know I will crave this salad again soon.  Oh.  And they have gelato there.  Even sugar-free chocolate!


This week’s 10%?  Sweet Frogs with my daughter and her friends.  Fro yo is one thing I cannot pass up.

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  1. Cousin Kacy–great job on the healthy and clean eats! The old adage “You are what you eat” is oh so very true. So often our medical conditions are exacerbated by the “food-like products” we ingest. Cut out the junk and ramp up the LIVING in your LIFE!

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