Hug Life Till I Die.


Yep.  It is still May.  And  I am still that crazy hugging lady.  Some people love to see me coming.  And, I’ve noticed others completely avoid eye contact with me.

Toby has probably had it the worst.  We decided since I didn’t marry  Toby, or give birth to him, he is not in my immediate family.   So he counts towards my 12 hugs a day!  (And by WE, I mean Brody decided this.)


It’s pretty much been like that.  Poor Toby.


This is my friend’s husband who is a for real rock star!  He was in a band many years ago called 11 Day Trip.  We went to see them play over Memorial Day weekend.  I hugged him a bunch and he is kinda famous in Greenwood, so I am now kinda famous by proxy.


This is my friend Michelle, who is a Pure Barre instructor.  I drove out to Huntersville to take her class and give her a huge hug.  She is currently kicking cancer’s ass and I love it.  Plus, we are both Smarty Moms and that is pretty awesome.  (Read Michelle’s smarty article HERE and you can read my smarty article HERE.)  And her class was no joke ya’ll.  I  cried and whined just  like I do in FlyBarre.  And I was soooo sore for days after.


This is Guy.  He owns Whooli’s Grill which is basically the best bar and grill in Charlotte.  I have gone to this joint since high school and it is my Cheers.  They have hands down the best wings ever and the coldest beer.  Ever.


Guy got a big hug because a few days a week he calls me and I go pick up scraps for my chickens.  We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables  at our house.  But there is no way we have enough  scraps to keep my gems happy.   He saves the carrot shavings, ends of lettuce, purple cabbage and celery, mushy tomatoes, and pepper tops.  I feed my chickens healthy food so they produce healthy delicious eggs.

I have a few more days of hugging…before June project 12 starts.  (I am wearing only 12 items of clothing.  The whole month.  And I am terrified.  Stay tuned!)






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  1. I used to help Guy when I worked a LONG time ago at Bank of America at independence square. Agree, best bar food in Charlotte!

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