Hugs for May

May Project 12 Update:  I have been hugging everybody. Like crazy.  I tried to catch the garbage men the other day on my neighborhood walk, but that truck was flying. So I shouted out: THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!



Gratitude.  There are so many people outside my immediate family to hug and thank.  I am so grateful for so many different groups of supporters in my life.   Danielle LaPorte says, (in one of her podcasts I listen to on SoundCloud…get this app!), “I believe intensely in the power of gratitude.  If I were to spell it, it would have a capital G.  If I were to have a religion, it would be gratitude.”

IMG_6081I do have a religion.  And gratitude with a capital G  is a huge component of that religion.  These Christian ladies are in my circle at church.   I love praying, growing and learning with these ladies every week.

IMG_6089I am so grateful for these Cornwell Center yogis.  Honestly, I almost did not take this class when it was offered to me.  It puts me teaching 3 classes a day on Thursdays.  Its only been 2 months and I am so happy I felt that nudge to teach these amazing women.


These are some of my Laughing Buddha yogis.  Love this Saturday class.  They are always ready to play and try new things!


My Siskey Y yogis.  I only teach here about once a month and it is one of my favorite 75 minutes.  These people show up on their mat every time with the intent to learn and grow.


Please excuse the blinding light…but my Y2 yogis shine bright!  They keep me motivated and remind me everyday that I love what I do.

How are your hugs going?  Have you hugged someone today?



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