I turned 37

My birthday was yesterday.  I turned the big 3-7.  It was one of the best birthdays I have ever had.  I wasn’t sipping margaritas on a beach in the Virgin Islands.  I wasn’t on a jeep in the rain forest of  Costa Rica.  I wasn’t on a safari in Africa.

I was just right at home.  And it was perfect.  I woke up around 6…I know.  Old habits die hard.  My kids were sleeping in, so I decided to go take a yoga class to get my day started right.  I went to Y2 Yoga for a sweaty, kick butt class.  The instructor actually announced that it was my birthday and everyone in class sang to me in wide-legged forward fold.  Nothing like a whole bunch of butts singing to you to make you smile.  I needed that smile and that energy from the other students.  I miss my dad.  Holidays are hard.  Easter was hard, Mother’s Day was hard…now here we are on my birthday.  I have all his voicemails saved on my phone.  On the way to yoga, I listened to the message he left me last year on my birthday…the message gets cut off because I call him in the middle of it.  I remember this conversation like it was yesterday.  I was at the lake with friends, and I was up early (of course!) cleaning up.  My dad wished me a happy birthday and told me how proud he was of me for following my dreams and becoming a yoga teacher and blogger.

I almost turned around and went home after listening to that message and having that memory flood my mind.  But I knew I would feel so much better if I stayed and practiced.  And of course I felt energized, light and motivated to have an amazing day.


My husband was out of town helping his parents, so me and the kids packed up lunch and headed to the pool.  We stopped by Starbucks for my free birthday drink!


I met my bestie and her four kids for pool time.  Is this not the cutest picture ever?


This beautiful bouquet was waiting on me from my sweet hubby.  The most amazing thing he did though had nothing to do with the gifts he gave me for my special day. He thought we went to the Siskey Y pool…usually we do.  We thought it would be crowded, so we went to the Morrison Y pool instead.  Around 2:00, he sent me a text asking if we were at Harris Y.  (yes…we are pool hoppers.)  I called him back to tell him the deal, and he was at Siskey.  He came to surprise me and the kids since he had been gone all weekend.   He knows my love language.   <3


We ended up meeting family for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  YUM.

Perfect day.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

I am excited about being 37.  I don’t want to be 27.  I don’t feel old.  I don’t look old.  This is going to be an exciting year.  Stay tuned for a post later this week when I share my 37 in 37.  I am listing 37 things I want to do/accomplish/see this year.

I would love to hear your ideas!  What would you add to your list?



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