Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Hey Guys! This is Kadyn and I am guest staring on this blog post.  My mom does a different project every month and calls it Project 12.  She says doing these things make us aware of all the people that have less, plus it gives us stuff to talk about.  We have made blessing bags for the homeless, reduced our carbon footprint, and she even only ate 12 foods one month. This month was my suggestion- try 12 new recipes.   This yummy dessert recipe is one you all will want to try!


What you will need-

20 icecream sandwiches (you might need to cut one in half to finish a layer)

A 13×9 glass pan

Cool Whip

Chocolate Syrup

Sprinkles- optional


IMG_1301Step 1: Thaw out your icecream sandwiches and un-wrap each one. Then push each sandwich down so the icecream oozes off the side.

IMG_1315Step 2: Add a layer of Cool Whip and drizzle chocolate sauce up and down and then back and forth.


Step 3: Unrap 10 more sandwiches and spread them out. You can see that it does not look very pretty but its yummy so,  who cares!

IMG_1328Step 4:  Add Cool Whip, Chocolate Sauce and finish with sprinkles.

If you don’t like sprinkles try: cherries, crushed pecans or leave it plain.


The completed project! We are taking this to a church cookout on Wednesday because this yummy thing wouldn’t have a chance in our house!

Let us know if you try and like this recipe and if you want me to guest blog again!

Have a awesome night!

*It’s Kacy here…this girl is really something else.  I showed her how to upload the pictures…she did the rest.  I can’t even. 



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15 thoughts on “Ice Cream Sandwich Cake”

    1. Thanks Erin! Kadyn and I are really excited you are coming to Charlotte soon! She is ready to babysit Lucas and Declan.

  1. YUuuuUUm!!!!! Great recipe Kadyn, and awesome blog post. Can’t wait to hear about all your yummy recipes! More of Kadyns Corner please!

    1. Beth- Kadyn and I LOVE the name! I think I am going to add a page called, “Kadyn’s Corner” and have her guest blog once a month or something. Thanks for the idea. XO

  2. Oh my goodness. My kids will LOVE that recipe. Kadyn, I’d love to see more guest blogging from you. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

    1. Thanks Lisa! It is such an easy and quick recipe that is always a crowd pleaser. Thanks for reading and commenting and look forward to more of “Kadyn’s Corner”!!

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