I’m So Keto



My son and I play around with song lyrics all the time in the car.  We decided to actually write down the lyrics to this one, perform it, and have my husband record it.  We practiced, then got the video in two takes.  It is not perfect by any means, but it is absolutely hilarious.  We promise…more are coming!

I posted the music video to my YouTube channel.  (CLICK HERE)

My son got rave reviews, so much that he thinks he is about to be famous.  I posted the video on Ellen’s wall.  Let’s see if she calls.

I got a lot of private messages and texts asking exactly what we were saying!  Here you go!


I’m So Keto
written by Kacy and Brody Pleasants

First things first, I’m low carbin it
Drop the bread, sugar, and now my clothes fit.
And I’m still scramblin’ them eggs,
I can fry em up, and make you wanna beg.

Don’t you wanna bad bod like this?
Drop the weight eatin’ just like this.

Cup o milk, cup o cheese, cup o cream.
My mom and dad are working as a team.

Takin’ all the butter straight, never chase that.
Atkins, like we bringin  ’58 back.

Bring the water in, where the stix (keto) at?
Olive oil drippin’ you should taste that.

I’m so keto, you already know,
I’m in the fat lane.  Egg yolks, and avocado.

I’m so keto, can’t you taste this grease? 
Remember pork rinds, dipped up in the sour cream.

Whip the cream up, let’s take a bath in the buttermilk.
Pee on the stix, purple’s the color we wanna get.

We keep on not gaining weight.  Drink lots of water, you gotta hydrate. 
Lift, walk, yoga, and abs.  Move your body and there won’t be flab.



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