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Last Saturday, I attended an amazing workshop to learn to tap into the gift of Intuitive Energy Healing.   It was such a wonderful experience, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

What is it? 
Energetic Healing is an umbrella term for any therapy that manipulates the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Some of the more well know therapies that fall under the heading “energetic healing” include Reiki, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Thought Field Therapy and Acupuncture. However, energetic healing also encompasses lesser known natural therapies such as: Aura and Chakra balancing; Flower and Vibrational Essences, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy, Spiritual Healing, and other forms of bodywork. Energetic healing practitioners are ususally trained in a number of modalities and will combine these in their own unique way. Many combine intuitive skills with their practical and theoretical skills.

Energetic healing takes a holistic approach that looks beyond the physical to manipulating the subtle energy systems (meridians, auric bodies, chakras, nadis) where the cause of the dis-ease can be located.

–Taken from Healing Energy

I have been drawn to this my whole life, but in the past few years, the pull has been pretty fierce.  I have experienced so much relief (physically and emotionally) from my own energy healing sessions, so the natural step for me was to do this so I can help others.

Jonathan Parham, an Intuitive, Medium, and Energy Healer led our group through the first of three stages.  He attuned us with modern day symbols, as well as traditional healing symbols.

After an in-depth discussion of chakras, spirit guides, healing methods, protection/grounding for ourselves, and suggestions for blessing the space, Jonathan led us through our attunement meditation.


Here we are! This group is unbelievable.  Some of us saw figures and shapes, some smelled sage, and mint.  I felt like my heart was going to explode with happiness/love/gratitude.  (My heart chakra is WAAAYYYY open.  I wish I could say the same for some of the other chakras that are out of whack!)

After our meditation, we all got a chance to receive and give energy work.  This was the best part for me…I am a hands on learner, so this is where it all made sense for me.  Actually performing the energy healing and adding in what felt “right” (that is the intuitive part) to me was such a spiritual, enlightening experience.


Now what?  I am on a 21 day cleansing cycle…everyone goes through this differently.  I am meditating for a few day on each chakra and using my hands to heal myself and balancing my own chakras.  I have practiced on my family and friends…and even Toby.  I am excited to get a beautiful handmade pendulum from my friend Tabitha this weekend.   After the 21 day cleanse, I will decide if I want to accept clients…which I think I will!   I can’t wait until May to work towards earning my Level 2 certification.

Interested in learning more? 
Check out Jonathan’s Blog:  The Intuitive You
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2 thoughts on “Intuitive Energy Course”

  1. This is so fascinating to me! Sometimes I feel people’s energy intensely and have been interested in this. I’d be interested in a session. Thank you for sharing this! I am going to check out Jonathan’s site now!

    1. Thanks Pam! I would love to do energy work on you! Let me know when you would be interested in scheduling a session. XO

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