I’ve been eating…

I have felt fantastic the past few weeks, and I think it is because I have kept my diet relatively clean.  The correlation between the food you fuel your body with,  and the way you feel never seizes to amaze me.   I made a few changes here and there and I have had no super horrible UC symptoms the past couple of weeks.  For now, I am  just sticking with recommended dose of  my Asacol HD.    (no more sexy enemas!)  My weight loss is at a standstill and I am okay with that mostly because I feel so amazing.  (My low back has been bothering me so I haven’t exercised like I normally do.  Plus I have eased up on my 90/10 rule.  I’m cracking back down though!)


Heavy Cream.  This in my coffee is seriously life changing.  50 shades of knock your socks off amazing.  I was scared of the fat for so long, but no more.   (This is an interesting article a friend shared about the awesomeness of fat and using the fasting technique)


Eggs, sharp cheddar, and Broccoli.  My chickens seriously produce the best eggs ever!


I posted this on Instagram and a friend wrote #pintrestfail.  Yep!  That is exactly what happened.  This is a super cute idea I saw where you cook the egg in the pepper.  My kids were really excited about this fun dinner.  Ours didn’t turn out quite as cute.  But we sprinkled some dill from my garden on them and they still tasted delicious!


Stir Fry-  chicken breasts, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots.  (I just used coconut oil and salt and pepper.  Simple and delicious.


Ahhhh.  The seafood salad from the Fresh Market.  I love this  salad so much!  Crab, celery and tons of parsley.  (and not a lot of mayo!)

What are your favorite summer recipes?  Have you ever experienced #pintrestfail? 

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