January Project 12 Update

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve.  You don’t have to have a college degree to serve.  You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve.  You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love. ” 

                                                                     –Martin Luther King, Jr.blessing 003

My heart is so full.  So full that I keep crying out of pure joy.  The overwhelming response to the Blessing Bags for Project 12  is unreal.  I planned to make 12 a week for the month of January.   Because of the generosity of others, we have already made 48!  I underestimated myself, my family and my village.   When January comes to an end, I will have cranked out over 100 bags.  Epic.

blessing 001

Aren’t hand warmers a great idea?  These were donated by a friend…and it was her 9-year-old daughter’s idea.  She brought 24 of these to my yoga class on Saturday at Laughing Buddha.  When the other yogis saw her give the bag to me, they wanted to help too.  They are bringing in stuff next week!

Women in my circle at church brought  water bottles, granola bars, tissues and socks to add to the bags.  Small gestures for us…but these make a big difference to someone who has nothing.

blessing 002I loved the idea of adding this little combo to the bags this week too.

blessing 004


Completed Bag!  This week’s bag includes:  warm socks, wet wipes, tissues, toothbrush/toothpaste combo, crunchy granola bar, chewy granola bar, bottle of water, candy canes, and hand warmers.

I put 3 bags in my car to pass out this week to the homeless and I will give the others away this week at school, the yoga studios I teach, and at church.  In fact, I took some to Sunday school this morning…

Take a look at these tough guys with their blessing bags!

blessing 007

Wanna help?  Make bags with your family?  Don’t have time for that?  Bring me 24 of something you think would be awesome in a Blessing Bag.  Find me here, or I’ll come to you!

Peace, Love and Grace to you. 




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11 thoughts on “January Project 12 Update”

  1. What a sweet ministry and how awesome that you’re doing it with your family. That’s really inspiring. I live in Kenya and I come face to face with the homeless daily. You’ve really challenged me to think more about practical ways I can help even by keeping mini bags of blessing in my purse. God bless you guys! [Inspiring Women Bloggers]

    1. Thanks so much S’ambrosia! It is really easy to put together a few things that would really help out someone else! Thanks for reading!

    1. Thanks Kit! I didn’t do it alone, that is for sure! This thing with the blessing bags took off, inspiring everyone around me!

  2. Awesome ministry. Kudos to you for going over and beyond your original 12. I agree with Elise, it is so simple to help others. My heart breaks when I see homeless people, specially in this part of the world, where winters are fierce. Yes, thank you for the reminder. Blessings to you as you continue this ministry. <

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