July Project 12-Gratitude


July is almost halfway over and I haven’t even shared with you what I am doing this month!   My project 12 this month is all about gratitude.  Every morning, before I do anything else, I am writing down 12 things I am grateful for.


So my morning look a little like this.

I am using  a beautiful leather bound journal my mother-in-law gave me.  My hope is to fill it up with so many things I am grateful for and have it to look back on.   There are 31 days in July.  12 items every day makes for 372 different heartfelt items.  Pretty awesome, right?  Well…until the other day when I tried to complicate this beautiful project and make it WAAAYYYYY harder than it is supposed to be.

The other morning,  I am getting ready to write and I want to repeat an item.  In fact, I want to repeat several.

Everyday single day I am so grateful for my relationship with God, my family, coffee, and a job I adore.   I love talking to God, and praying down the alphabet when I am driving. (Have I shared this amazing way I discovered how to  pray with you yet?  Start with “A”.  Pray for someone who starts with that letter.  Go to “B”.  Same deal.)  My family is so supportive, encouraging, and loving.  Coffee needs no explanation.  Ever.   Doing what I love has never been more amazing for my spirit.   I had a student the other day tell me that I was the reason she got out of bed so early on Monday and Wednesday.  Humbled, I looked at her and told her she (and all my yoga students!)  is the reason I get out of bed so early.

Back to the other morning…I look back on July 1st of this project where I wrote these items at the top of the list.  I am so frustrated because I wish I listed family member individually, and said iced coffee one day, and hot coffee another day.

Than I just said,  WHO CARES!?!?!!?!  (with a little help from my incredibly level-headed husband!)

Can’t I be grateful for the same things everyday?  That means I am doing pretty good, right?

Yes.  And Yes.

What are you grateful for today?


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