July Project 12 Update

I have not been biking and hiking everywhere, or wearing hemp to teach yoga this month.  Mostly, because my some of my yogis might try to light my sweater and smoke me.  And because I don’t have a bike.  (I am hoping someone may read this and donate their beach cruiser they never ride anymore.)


I have been really good about using refillable water bottles.  We had a dinner at church and I even brought my own water bottle to fill up and drink out of instead of using plastic.  Plus, I got to pose with basically the cutest baby in the world.


For a person who values his privacy, (with the exception of his Hey Girl stuff) my husband has had no problem hanging his undies out for the whole world to see.  We did have to use liquid fabric softener though, because his clothes were kind of crunchy.


I picked up these reusable sandwich bags–They are awesome!  You can just turn them inside out to really get the gunk out of  them if needed.  (for example, if your son uses it for jello instead of a sandwich.)


This is a picture of a box.  With cans inside.  I went to Tennessee last weekend, and stayed with my cousin.  They have no recycling pick up, so we brought this home and recycled it here.  Remember, I am trying to go above and beyond with this challenge?

I have been driving  the speed limit– so I am reducing my carbon footprint and obeying the law at the same time.   Even when it is only 35 MPH, and they clearly mis-painted, and it should be 53 MPH.  I have used windows verses air conditioning, parked further away, and refused to use my car seat warmers.

My friend Henry Owen, the director of Friendship Gardens, is in the middle of writing an e-book about tips to drive the green way.    I got a sneak peek at some of the tips… Here’s a few I’m allowed to share:

1.  Empty your trunk- any added weight takes more energy to push and pull around.

2.  Windows up on the highway, down in the city- the drag placed on the car from rolling down the windows hurts your mileage more than running the air conditioner.

3.  Plan Ahead!  Clump your errands, map your routes, and avoid traffic.

4.  Park in the shade, highest elevation, and furthest away from the store.

5.  Drive like you don’t have brakes.  Anytime you use your brakes in the car, you are wasting forward momentum you have already paid for in gas.

Like these tips?   I’ll let you know when the whole thing is ready to download!  In the meantime…Christmas is only 156 days away.  Check out Henry’s other book:  How to Have a Green Christmas.


I hope you are trying to go green with me this month too!  I would love for you to comment below and share your ideas! 


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5 thoughts on “July Project 12 Update”

  1. A huge high five for your tips and success so far with your challenge Kacy!
    I must admit I am guilty of putting none recyclables in the recycle bin and generating far too much rubbish in our household.
    I will certainly try to be more aware of my impact in future and teach my family the same 🙂

  2. I have a purple mountain bike I never use… It is just sitting under the porch. Its yours if you use it! Adam doesn’t have a bike so its strange to ride while he walks.

  3. I need to refill water bottles more often. I’m great at recycling…but if I don’t have to recycle and I just refill my bottles, that would be the best solution. Thank you for posting these! (Yes, very cute baby!)

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