June Challenge Wrap Up

As much as I may have complained to my family and friends about this June challenge, I actually liked the routine-ness of it.  I’m anal.  I’m a planner.  I Ferberized my children as infants.  I plan our meals, and make to-do lists daily.  So, that whole part made that part of my brain very happy.  However, my laundry was outrageous.  And one outfit is going in the trash.  Goodwill wouldn’t even take these stanky pants.  There is no amount of tide pods, Febreeze, vinegar, and even straight up bleach that can get the stench out of these yoga pants.


I cheated a few more times since my last update.  My daughter and I were going to the gym and doing some running (her) and walking (me) on the track, and she wanted me to wear a t-shirt like her.  Actually that is a total lie I made up in my head to make myself feel better.  I actually just wanted to wear this t-shirt and remind myself that I actually ran over 5 miles straight one time.  That is a lie too. (I did run the Cooper River, but that’s not why I wore the shirt.)  Truth is, I was feeling really fat and bloated and the thought of putting on a fitted yoga shirt made me want to barf.  And my daughter didn’t want to be with me on the track in my maxi dress and tennis shoes.


My mom donated this shirt to me and I tried it on.  Mistake.  It’s one of those really soft, really awesome shirts that you wear constantly until you spill mustard and coffee down the front and have to wash it.  (True story.)

When I went through my clothes to pack up for the beach, it was pretty interesting.  I instead starting cleaning out my drawers and my closet.  I piled up a stack of shirts, pants, shorts and dresses that I don’t wear much.  I like having a just few simple choices.  I always have that quote in my head…Does this clutter make my butt look fat?  Totally.


I’ll admit it though…I  was pretty excited to put this dress on to go to breakfast Tuesday morning!

July’s Project 12 is reducing our carbon footprint 12 ways.  Stay tuned!  (and please comment if you have suggestions…we are kind of stuck on 10.)


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