June Favorites

It’s time for a favorites post!  Here is a look at a few things I am enjoying this month~


1.  My tomato plant.  For Mother’s Day the past few years, my husband and kids have gifted me a garden.  This year they planted lavender, sage, basil, and tomatoes!  I cannot wait to make caprese salad with almost every ingredient from my back yard.


2.  Mustard.  This is taking my lettuce wraps to a whole new level.  You have to get the Country style.  (Thanks Heather for the tip!)


3. Pinot Noir.  I know I am usually a malbec fan, but my sister and I fell in love with this wine over Christmas, and it is still my favorite red right now.  I bought it because I liked the bottle and it was moderately priced.  (Isn’t that how all people buy wine?)  At around $15 it is dry, oaky and contains the stuff that prevents heart disease, so I usually buy 4 bottles at a time.



4.  Sunscreen.  The kid is one of my June favorites, but I am talking about the sunscreen here.  I really love Neutrogena wet skin sunblock.  It has a special ingredient called Helioplex, that sticks to wet skin.  I know my kids do not want to wait around to get dry, then apply sunscreen.  And rubbing in sunscreen when they are sandy at the beach?  No thank you!



5.  Agate.   I got this beautiful agate slice at Mamma Bessie’s.  Everyone should have an agate for protection and to attract strength. The agate is one of the oldest stones in recorded history and protects from stress, energy drains, and is used for upset stomachs.   (If you like crystals and all things “yogaish” as my daughter says, go to Mamma Bessie’s Place.  I stop in once a week after my friend Jonathan recommend it. )


6.  Concealer.  With age/lack of sleep/genetics we get the dreaded dark circles.  I was at Ulta with my daughter and she said this is what all the people use who make videos on how to put on makeup on YouTube.  She doesn’t even wear makeup, but I took her advice and I love this stuff!


7.  Maxis.  I love maxi dresses in the summer.  I got this one for only $25 and wore it all weekend.  I am not kidding.  I had an event to celebrate a friend who did 365 days of yoga at Charlotte Yoga, then met dinner with friends.  I put it right back on to go to church the next morning.  I went to yoga (no, I didn’t wear it to teach!), and packed it to wear to dinner that night too.  🙂

I would love to hear from you!  What are you loving in June? 




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