June Project 12

This month I am spending 12 minutes alone with my husband.  You would think that after being married almost 14 years we would spend way more 12 minutes alone.  Nope.  Jobs, kids, dogs, technology, chores, books, and other people get in the way.

There are some  rules to this whole 12 minute thing.  We can’t be interrupted by kids, and we have to give each other our undivided attention.  No phones, no eating, no doing dishes, no trying to play the piano during the 12 minutes.  A friend of mine gave me this suggestion, and I thought it was a great idea to reconnect to my husband.  I thought it would be easy.  It’s not.


June 1st 6:32-6:58pm~  I wanted our first 12 minutes to be out on our deck relaxing with a drink.  Instead, it poured down rain, so we sat on our bed after dinner and talked.  This was the worst 12+ minutes of the week because the only thing we came up with to talk about was something that had been bothering us.  The thought crossed my mind about what a dumb idea this is, especially if we can’t even get through the first day without an uncomfortable talk.  This is supposed to make us close and be all googly eyed again.  Instead I was watching the clock ready to go unload the dishwasher.  We went over our 12 mintues, but ended up clearing the air.  Clean air is good air.


June 2nd 4:35- 4:50pm~ This 12 minutes was mostly spent talking about the weather and my son’s behavior.  I taught at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery’s Yoga on Tap last Tuesday, and it had poured down rain all day long.  This was a huge event…the Charlotte Independence soccer team came and did yoga with us.  Luckily, the rain held out for the hour we did yoga, but during our 12 minutes it was really weighing on my mind.  My son (who is already grounded from screen time for something else) changed the words to the song they sang at school for the volunteers.  The children were supposed to sing, “Volunteers, we thank you…”.  He decided it would be funny to sing, “Volunteers, we hate you…”.  He got his radio taken out of his room so no more books on CD, or dancing to music in the morning.  He basically cannot do anything fun.  If I even catch him trying to catch a smile, I nip it in the bud.  (half kidding.) We went to the pool Saturday and didn’t let him swim.  (I know… my heart is broken, but we have to stick with our guns.  Remember when we took Halloween away?)

June 3rd 8:30-8:50pm~  Little longer again today.  I had a really long, really busy day, and needed my family and some chill time after work.  My daughter and I met my mom and sister for manicures and sushi.  When I got home we had our time.   We mostly talked about my sister’s new house…she is moving here!  She currently lives in Dubai, so I don’t see her and my two nephews near as much as I want.   We also talked about how sweet Toby is. <3


June 4th whoops.  we missed it.  Kadyn had her big moving up ceremony at school, and Daniel had a softball game.

June 5th whoops.  again…we missed it. I worked all afternoon, and Daniel had a softball game. (these softball games…by the time he gets home, I am fast asleep)

June 6th  6:00-6:30ish~  We made up for the missed days and talked on the couch after dinner.  My son came out in the middle and we scooted him off to his room and told him  we were having our time.  We talked about how big our tomato plants are getting, how Daniel played in his softball game, and how I am subbing a ton of classes this month before our family beach trip.


June 7th  3:15-3:40~ I wanted to squeeze in our time before I taught my Sunday evening class at Y2 Yoga.  We had some friends in town from Florida, so we had lunch with them and another couple after church.  During our time together, my husband and I talked about how much we miss them, and our church family and how lucky we are to have them.  These friends also told me about the Vermonster from Ben and Jerry’s.  I have not been able to think about anything else since then.  I wish I added it to my #37in37 list. I need 7 friends to commit to tackle this little bit of deliciousness with me this summer.

Give the whole 12 minute thing a whirl.    It doesn’t have to be with your partner…maybe a sibling, friend, or parent.  Give it a try for a week and let me know how it goes.

Happy Monday!  Have an awesome week.  XO

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