June Project 12- final post


Me and this hot number have gotten pretty close due to this Project 12…thank you Emily for the amazing idea!  Some days were hard…because we talked about hard stuff.  Some days were easy…because we talked about easy stuff.  Other days we missed our 12 minutes because of our busy-ness”.  In case you missed it, this is what went down in WEEK ONE, WEEK TWO, and WEEK THREE.

Here is look at our last week in this project:

June 22:  We mostly talked about weekly stuff.  You know,  what we were having for dinner and what our schedules look like for the week.

June 23: I had an appointment with Dana, so I had to tell him all about that.  I had an incredible clairvoyant experience happen over the past weekend when I was on my retreat.  I was really interested to get Dana’s take on some of that, and interested to hear my incredibly grounded husband’s response to it all.

June 24:  We, or should I say I talked about our upcoming beach trip, and what yoga studio I wanted to try, and where we should eat seafood, and on and on.  I realized at the end that I pretty much dominated that 12 minutes and I would make a huge effort to let him talk more.

June 25:  Tonight we talked about a meeting Daniel had with a co-worker, life insurance policies, house selling stuff.  (obviously I DID NOT dominate this convo)

June 26:  And we missed it again.  (We promised to make it up with extra minutes for the last few days!)


June 27:  12 minutes spend walking on the beach…we made the kids stay behind us so we could talk.  This was a talk about our vacation and being at beach.  The beauty of God’s playground, how we both feel being so close to the water, and how we don’t have to worry about work for a week.

June 28: We found time to talk while the kids were playing on the beach.  Mostly just regular, easy-breezy conversation.


June 29:  We made the kids stay inside, while we snuck out on the porch to have a drink.  We celebrated the recent law on gay marriage, and talked about how sometimes Christians do not act like Christ.  And isn’t that kinda the point?  To show we are Christians by our actions?  Our love?  (One of my favorite songs HERE)

June 30:  Last day of the 12 minutes!  We talked about climbing Jockey’s ridge…one of my 37in37 items, and how amazing watermelon is.  🙂


I HIGHLY recommend this project for you and someone you love.  You may miss a few days, tough stuff may come up, but it is definitely a great way to get a little closer.  I also think it was really good for my kids to see us do this together.  After all, they would not be here if it weren’t for our initial loving relationship.

Stay tuned for my July Project 12…it is all about gratitude!  <3

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