June Project 12- post 3


June 15th:   My kids are both away at camp, which makes this whole thing a lot easier.  I was assisting a yoga class for Movement Charlotte, so my husband came home from work early and we hang out before we had to leave. (I am teaching this outdoor class Monday…come!) It was awesome…we naturally talked for longer than our required 12 minutes.  We talked about the kids, my upcoming retreat,  and our upcoming family vacation.  The radio in my car is broken, so we continued to talk the whole way to the yoga event.  (Note:  I don’t usually lay all over my students.  I was assisting him, and he made me laugh, so that is when I fell on him.)

June 16th:  Pretty normal talk.  We chatted about the weather, our tomato plant, and how we were going to handle this 12 minute thing when I go out of town this weekend.  (Face Time).  We spent a few moments at the end praying for friends of ours who are going through a hard time.


June 17th:   We had a deeper talk tonight.  I decided to throw my scale away.  Remember when I did that for a month a while back?  I felt compelled to just get rid of it after a talk with my friend, who happens to also be a dietician who works with eating disorders.  She pretty much called me on my shit, like my husband did with my Thigh Gap post.  I do make an effort to talk about healthy this, and healthy that.  But I still weigh myself everyday.  My kids see that.  I had a chart where I even wrote down my weight everyday.  I ripped it down.   I tell my yoga students all the time to love themselves, and to appreciate their strong amazing bodies, and to let go of judgement.  Then I weigh myself every morning.  I am over it.  I want to be healthy and happy.  Although this whole thing is really scary, it is very freeing too.   I want to get rid of the negative thoughts and just trust my body.  It was nice to have a sounding board for this.  My husband is very supportive with this move…he has seen this roller coaster and encourages anything that keeps me level and happy.

June 18th:  12 minutes on the phone on my way– pretty much talked about logistics of me being out of town for the weekend and all that jazz.

IMG_1767 June 19th:  Isn’t Face Time the greatest? I snuck away for my 12 minutes today to chat with him.  (It is key to face time lying down so all the wrinkles just fall into your hair.)

June 20th:  I was so busy with my retreat and he was busy getting my kids from camp, we almost missed it.  We ended up face timing as a family… does that count?  (No.  It doesn’t.)

June 21st:  I got back in town today and I was really happy to talk to my husband face-to-face for our 12 minutes.  I just pretty much dominated the 12 minutes because I had so much to tell him about the retreat I just co-hosted, and unloaded a cloud of grief I have felt today being my first father’s day without my dad.  Thank you for all the phone calls, texts, and messages you all sent me today.  I felt really supported and loved.  <3


Have an amazing week!  I hope I see you on your mat this week. Check out my TEACHING SCHEDULE!  XO

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  1. You are amazing and beautiful inside and out. I’m so proud of you for learning to trust your gorgeous body and taking such a healthy freeing step!!!

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