Kadyn’s Korner

My name is Kadyn Pleasants and I am a 7th grader at Sedgefield Montesori. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and babysitting.


I love to be active! I play soccer, swim, and run. I have amazing friends and I love my family. I look forward to our annual family beach trip we take every summer.

I love all that is fashion.  My style is always changing though. I might wear a flannel and vans one day but then a monogram sweatshirt and Sperry’s the next.



I am excited to post some recipes, DIY’s, fashion, beauty,and lifestyle blog posts.

You can read my posts here:

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Kadyn’s Korner will be added to the tabs at top of my front page.  In the tabs you can also find my Current Music Obsessions, tons of Recipes, and my Teaching Schedule


3 thoughts on “Kadyn’s Korner”

  1. luv your blog
    puts me in a fog
    about all those clothes
    gives me the woes
    got my jeans
    got a plain old shirt
    gonna plant a flower
    never mind the dirt
    gonna give you a bloom
    to decorate your room
    where all those pretty clothes grow!

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