Keeping the carbs away!

I leave for Mexico in 27 days!  I have been trying to offset the crazy holiday craziness by eating really clean.  (For me that means little to no grains/sugar/alcohol/beans at all.  I feel best when I eat this way mainly because I seriously forget that I have UC.  Secondly,  because I fit into my clothes a little better!)  Happy to say that in the last few weeks of eating well, exercising, and staying relatively stress free I have lost a few pounds, and have no UC symptoms.  In a few weeks I will officially be back in remission!

Here are a few pictures of eats last week and somethings I threw together for this week:

anxiety 003My kids are pretty picky about cooked veggies.  They will eat raw ones though…even radishes!  I let them help wash and slice and arrange.  I found that when they take ownership it makes a difference.  Plus, my kids are Montessori kids.  So they do everything themselves,  grow fresh basil,  fart rainbows and go to a “Peace table” instead of time out.  (Clarification:  they do this at school.  My house.  My rules.  Nobody has time for a peace table when I got candy to crush.)  Every night at our dinner table you will see at least carrots and cucumbers and a fruit.

anxiety 001Crustless Quiche!  One of our favorites.  This has 8 eggs, bag of spinach and a cup of  feta.  That’s it!  Mix ingredients and put in an 8×8 and bake.anxiety 002Another version of Quiche with baby bud broccoli florets, 8 eggs, and a cup of sharp cheddar.  I use only farm fresh eggs.  That is seriously the only way to go.   The yolks are orange and so rich!


Kale Chips:  Spray with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Bake for about 15 minutes.  Then pretend to enjoy.

anxiety 004Do you know a yoga teacher who doesn’t drink green smoothies?  We had kale left over from the kale chips, so I mixed some in with banana flavored protein powder.  Power up!

anxiety 008

I made a big container of tuna salad and chicken salad on Sunday for us to eat on all week.  I used plain greek yogurt instead of mayo in these!

anxiety 009

We like our chicken salad with celery and dill weed.  For the tuna salad I added a few boiled eggs, lemon juice, celery, onion and some capers.  Yum.  (And a toothbrush on the side)

anxiety 006I promised my kids we could go eat Chinese food this weekend.  They love going out for Chinese and convinced me to go since Chinese New Year is coming this Friday.  Remember– these are my Montessori kids,  so they know everything about every culture.   I resisted the rice, egg roll and wine.  I had beef with broccoli and hot green tea.

anxiety 005

anxiety 007I thought my fortune was pretty funny.  Because I don’t.  Judging by my chipped nails I have a yearning for a manicure.





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