Labor Day

Happy day after Labor Day! This was one year where my husband and I BOTH had the day off.

We are staying fit as a family, so sleeping in late is not longer an option on days off.   We hit up the YMCA–my husband and I took a hot yoga class.   My son went into the gym to play games and my daughter went to the indoor track for a run.




The rain clouds threw our pool/picnic plans so we headed home to have a day at home together.  This game of Monopoly has been going since Saturday… finally finished it up.


Toby sleeps and the boys play video games.


Us girls got bored with we headed to Verizon.  I have been putting off getting my daughter a phone forever now.  When she was 10 and asked for one, I told her she could have one when she was 12.  That didn’t happen.  Then I said 6th grade graduation.  Never happened.  There has been a few incidences this school year already, where she really needed to call me.   She also babysits often, so this will be so much easier then her borrowing my phone when she works.  It ended up working perfect.. I got an updrade, and she has my old phone.  She was grinning ear to ear all day long!


Back home for more games and puzzles.

We had friends and family over for an early dinner.  These two brought a ton of slaw,  3 pounds of ribs and 3 pounds of pulled BBQ.


I loved relaxing and visiting with everyone!

Hope you had a great long weekend!  Stay tuned this week for my McNinch House review, more Basic Yoga Mix pictures, and I’ll blog about my skydiving experience!  🙂



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