I did not grow up “giving up” something for Lent.  Many of my Catholic friends did and I was always jealous.  (I don’t know why…I also wanted glasses and braces and for my name to be Jennifer.)  I decided when I grew up,  I would give things up for Lent.  Around the wise age of 28 years of age,  I grew up and gave up things.  I have given up the following things over the past years:   diet coke, sweets, diet coke, alcohol, diet coke, snacking after dinner, diet coke,  sugar, and back to diet coke.   (What is it with the diet coke?)   I would also like to point out that when I asked the masses on Facebook if I should give up makeup or diet coke…22 people said diet coke.  The only one who said makeup was completely kidding because she knows I love my bb cream, and my other hilarious friend suggested I give up giving things up.

My church had the fantastic idea to include social media during the Lenten season.  How awesome is this for the youth?  (and social media whores like me?)



These are some example of pictures I used so far!



#WORN.    This one was funny because I had a friend comment…”What size are you?”.  She never brought me any shoes though.


#MIND.  This was one of the hard ones for me to think about.  Luckily my daughter is a genius and snapped this gem for me.


#SILENCE.  I don’t need to elaborate much. You get it.



#WASH.  (I actually never wash my salad greens.  I know…I’m just to lazy.  Or I forget until I’ve already eaten the whole salad.  I like to think this is why my kids don’t get sick…except that once.)


#BELIEF.  I chose this flower because it looks like a little frowny man is painted on it.  I would have never noticed it…but my children pointed it out.  I actually stopped to look at all the frowny men flowers in the garden with them.  When I look at these flowers and my magical children, I have to believe.  How can there NOT be a GOD?

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