#letsgetflexyin2015- week 4

I successfully finished this Instagram challenge.  I kept up with it every single day…with only one exception.  Things got crazy this last week, and I missed one day.  But one out of 28 ain’t bad! If you missed the previous posts on this month’s challenge, here is WEEK ONE, WEEK TWO, and WEEK THREE. The last week had some really challenging poses, but it was really fun.  I like seeing the pictures of myself in some of the poses, because I look so strong, and I really “get” the asana.  Then of course, there are other photos that I look at and have to take a deep breath and realize I am not ready for advanced variation, or that I will never have skinny thighs. IMG_0311 Day 22:   Karnapiasana or Ear Pressure Pose.  Look at those little 11 year old feet taking my picture.  🙂  This inversion aligns the spine and opens the shoulders. IMG_0319 Day 23:  Straddle, or Samakonasana.  I am so close to getting into this pose it isn’t funny.  Straddle obviously opens the inner thighs, groin and hips. IMG_0342 Day 24:  Happy Baby or Ananda Balasana.  This is one of those poses where you just can’t really get a good angle on, but it feels amazing!  One of my favorite people ever wrote in the comments of this post, “Honey, I’m home.”  So funny.  Happy Baby is a wonderful pose to ground at the end of a practice.    It opens and stretches the hips, stretches the inner groins, and helps to realign the spine. IMG_0344 Day 25:  Big Toe Hold, or Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana.  I love, love, love this posture.  This asana requires balance and stability, while using the strength of the legs and ankles. IMG_0387 Day 26: Noose pose or Pasasana.  My friend and fellow blogger, Shanna, showed me this trick to help get your heels down.  She rolled up her mat a few times on one end…so I did the same with the blanket here.  This is a great pose to stretch the spine, upper back, lower back, arms, and shoulders. IMG_0405 Day 27:  Forearm headstand or Sirsasana.  Inversions are so liberating and I love getting upside down.  You can see how I got in and out of this pose on my Youtube channel HERE. IMG_0408 Day 28:  Last day of the Challenge was Bharadvajaana.  A big twist to finish off the month!  Yoga twists stretch and strengthen the spine, relieves you of lower back pain, sciatica pain and minor neck pain. Bharadvajasana is therapeutic for CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  I also made this into a video, click HERE to watch it. I really liked this challenge the most out of the ones I have done in the past.  (you can see those HERE and HERE) I really enjoyed the emphasis on flexibility and heart opening.  Stay tuned for another challenge in May–gotta give my loved ones a big break.   <3


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  1. Love me some Happy Baby. Amity usually leans her body weight into me as I do it and I can literally feel muscles I didn’t know I had. Feel free to do the same anytime I’m in your class 🙂

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