I leave for a yoga retreat in Mexico very soon!   40 days to be exact! I am so excited to relax, do lots of yoga, and get some sun.  I am not as excited to get this body back into a bathing suit.  Yikes!  The holidays were crazy busy and left me teaching yoga more than practicing.   It’s not just the physical “workout” I need from yoga.  I need the mind-clearing, heart opening, chakra flowing stuff.  When I don’t get my yoga in, I feel jumbled and anxious, and hurried.  And then I turn to food that doesn’t fuel my body.

So, this week I have been really amping up the protein, adding lots of leafy greens, and eliminating sugars.  This is the way my body runs the best.  I almost forget I have UC when I eliminate gluten and sugar from my diet.  In just one week, I am down 5 pounds.  My body no longer wonders where the cupcakes are.  I just keep feeding it spinach and beef.  After the initial withdraw from sugar, I feel energetic and less bloated.   Below are some goodies I have been eating this week:

yoga 001

This is the new Power Chicken Hummus Bowl from Panera.  Delish!

yoga 003Bacon wrapped shrimp.  Sooooo easy and awesome!  Peel raw shrimp, wrap in a half piece of bacon.  Broil on high about 12-16 minutes, flipping once.

stuff 005


The next day I sauteed the shrimp(that we didn’t have enough bacon for) and tossed it in a salad with Newman’s Family Recipe Italian dressing and chopped pecans.

stuff 004

Salsa Chicken:  Another favorite at my house (except for Brody because he only eats bread.) and so easy for busy people!  Throw a package of boneless, skinless chicken breast in the crock pot.  Add a jar of salsa, and a package of reduced sodium taco seasoning.  I eat it plain…and yes that is coffee.  I even had this for breakfast!  When we had it for dinner though,  it was awesome on a bed of romaine, and  tortillas for the kids.

yoga 007And Quest Bars.  Love these.  There are some protein bars that are so delicious…Oh yeah! bars, Power Crunch.  These aren’t those.  I cannot have the superyummyamieatingasnickersoraproteinbar type around.  I love chocolate Power Crunch bars so much that  I ate 4 in one day one time.  I can only buy one at a time.  And only on Saturdays.    I am so not kidding.  Now I buy these.  Tasty…but not like a candy bar. Tons of protein, fiber, and pretty low-calorie and fat.




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