Making Happy Happen

In the past, I feel like I have spent so much time going with the flow and not being deliberate with my life and my choices.  You don’t get happy by accident.  You gotta make it happen.  I feel like I have finally made it happen.  This is what I want to be when I grow up.

Yesterday was the first Sunday in a really long time (like 10 years) that I did not have  a knot in my stomach.  I didn’t cry or have an anxiety attack.  I was not dreading Monday.
My first few years of teaching I cried every Sunday night.  My heart would race and it was a little hard to breathe. (hello anxiety)  My job was new, I was inexperienced, I hated planning lessons and being observed.  The next few years I hated going to school because I left my babies with someone else.  The past few years I didn’t want to go because I knew it wasn’t where I was supposed to be.  I knew I needed more and could give more.  (Which is one of the reasons I am so excited about Project 12. )

Today:  I slept until 7 am instead of 5 am.  That alone is almost worth the pay cut.  I woke up both of my sweeties and ate breakfast with them.  At the table.  And we had an actual conversation.  (It may have involved scabs and why we aren’t supposed to pick them,  and explaining why Justin Beiber got arrested, but we were communicating) I helped them pack their lunches and listened to Gangham style 23 times while my son got dressed and brushed his teeth.  They were on the bus by 8:45.  I had a private session with a yoga client at her house at 9:15.  I love working with athletes.  This girl is strong–a runner and a cross-fitter.  After giving birth and some injuries she is ready to give yoga a try.  She got into full wheel for the first time today!  After that,  I taught a power yoga class at the Siskey YMCA.  Came home for a quick lunch, then back to Y2 to teach the 3:00.  Back home to get the kids off the bus, who are happily playing outside before the blizzard hits Charlotte tomorrow.  Next up is dinner and back to Y2 to teach the 7:15 class.  Living the dream!

monday 005

My Client:  See how she is up on her toes?  One of my favorite yoga teachers, Stephanie Keach teaches full wheel that way.  It helps to bring the bottom of the rib cage in line with the hips.  This really makes a difference if you have tight shoulders and/or low back pain.

In other news…I am a Smarty Mom!  This is a huge deal for me and I could not be happier!  Charlotte Smarty Pants is a site with all kinds of awesomeness for busy moms.  The team of mom blog regularly to make this a great resource for Charlotte moms. One of my regular yogis and friend, Krista writes for CSP and wrote this amazing  Article!  Please take a minute to read it.  I am so honored.

Sadly, the day the article was written,  I take my kids to Wal-Mart and lose my son.  Twice.   I made him stay in the hiding places so I could take his picture.  He then did cartwheels all the way to the register while singing “I like to move it, move it. ”  People stared and my daughter was embarrassed.   I encouraged my son and said he may make it to the Olympics one day for the most cartwheels while singing.   My daughter (poor thing) pretends she wants to look at the gum in the next checkout line.


monday 002

monday 003

 I reward this behavior with dinner out.

monday 004


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5 thoughts on “Making Happy Happen”

  1. Coming up on the toes bypasses strength in the lats, quads, psoas and serratus so, in my opinion, it should only be a temporary solution. The back is hurting because of the weaknesses in the those areas.

    1. I agree Shanna! She is still recovering from pregnancy and two pretty severe injuries. As soon as she builds some strength she will be hitting drop backs. Cause that’s how my clients roll.

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