Making Money

I always take the survey on the bottom of the receipt.  I always try to wind something.  After a took an online survey for CVS, I was asked to participate in a 2-3 part research study.  The company basically just wanted to know what I like to shop for, why I buy the items I do, and where I like to buy them.  I would be paid for this, so I thought, why not?

The first part of the study consisted of uploading 4 videos to the website.  The first, a quick intro video, then 3 others while you shopped.  Sure, they asked you to do your videos topless, but whatever.   kidding.


The second part was going to a meeting.  8:00-10:00.  PM.  At night.  For those of you who don’t know me, I am a grandma.  My bedtime is 8:00.  I bucked up for the love of groceries, or lack there of, and went.

We sat around a table and discussed our ideal drug store, and drew pictures with crayons and ate M&Ms.  After 2 hours, we were dismissed.

When I went to check out, the lady asked me to stick around for just a second.  I had been selected to take part in the third phase of the study.  duh.  I’m fabulous.   They wanted to follow me around with a camera while I shopped.  (I’m not sure if CVS allows topless shopping.) The hours were either 8am or 10:30am.  I said I had to work.  I’m trying to be a responsible adult with a good work ethic.

Anywho, I left with a Visa gift card for $175.  Holla!


As for the picture- It just made me die laughing.  And it’s the week before Spring Break, and I work at an elementary school.  Die laughing or die.  Seriously. 

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