March Project 12



Or something like that….I am kind of ready to go back to being a caterpillar.  This is a pretty scary month for Project 12.  Spend money at 12 places.  Seems really easy, and I even lumped stuff together–still hard!  This still means no movies, no groupon/livingsocial, no lunches with friends, no dinners out with my husband, no mani/pedis, no grabbing a water at the studios I teach yoga.  This means no Chinese take out, no Redbox, no Chick Fil A,  no iTunes purchases, no paying for exercise classes, no Harris Teeter, and no Starbucks.

Why would I actually choose to do this?   It is only so that I become aware of my spending.  That I am a little inconvenienced.  It is easy to grab this bite to eat, or grab a water if I happen to forget mine.  Spending money is fun easy to do.   Saying no is very difficult.  Who says no when they can afford to say yes?  Think about where your family spends money…go look at last month’s bank statement.  Your findings will shock you.

Here Goes:

1.  Church–  We tithe weekly and eat dinner almost every Wednesday evening.

2. Bills– I lumped these together;  power, cable, mortgage, water, insurance, and phone.

3.  Wal-Mart– not my favorite choice for groceries, but it is growing on me.  I chose the newest one because it is less crowded, probably because it is a pain in the A to get into.   (plus, I have been known to blow out tires, which they sell.)

4.  Gas Station– I picked the Kangaroo Express near Cotswold since it is close to the two yoga studios I go to the most.

5.  Alycia–  This is the saint who cleans my house every other week.   I waited a long time to jump on this train.  I will NEVER get off of this train either.   She is so amazing if I asked her if I could pay her for March in April she would totally okay it.  But she is worth a spot on the list.

6.  Chantilly–  This is the school my kids go.  I have no idea if anything is going on but it will be my luck that they are going to NASA and up in space and my kids will miss it because it wasn’t on the list.  Or, heaven forbid, spring pictures.  Even though last month was group pictures, then before that was class pictures, then before that yearbook pictures, and before that Fall pictures.  Enough Metro Portraits.  I hate you.  I feel #majormomguilt when I don’t buy them and my kids find the paper in the  recycle bin.  “What?  Wonder why Daddy would throw away these awesome proofs?”

7.  Dana Childs– My family thinks I could possibly be on the verge of psychosis  for listing this instead of Chick Fil A, Panera, or Redbox.  I made an appointment with her in January.  I simply cannot give it up.

8.  Babysitters–  I know I will need one at some point and I don’t want to freak out.  Not that I am one to freak out.

9.  Salsarita’s–  My kids voted.  I can eat a naked burrito about once a week, so I am cool with that choice.

10.  GNC–  I was torn between this and Y2, since I buy a sparkling water pretty much daily.  But I am out of vitamins, protein shakes, and Quest bars.  I have to have this one.

11.  Emergency Medical– Co-pays, hospital, dental, and vet.  I am hoping to not use 11.  (or 12)

12.  Emergency Car/House– Our floor is possibly going to fall through soon because of termite damage.  Hopefully we can push that back to April.  But no more Just Dance 4.   As for the cars…we are both pushing 12 years, and mine smells like burnt rubber when I drive it and my husband said his will make it to the hospital in case of an emergency and that’s it.


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2 thoughts on “March Project 12”

  1. You are brave! I was thinking that I couldn’t do this and that was before you put in emergency things, which I didn’t even think about.

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