May: Project 12

I am really excited about the project for this month!  Project 12 has been such a learning experience for me…and my loved ones!

Before I get into this new month ahead I have to tell you about April Project 12.  I did some pretty awesome things this month.  I did a few random acts of kindness, donated some money, and a little of my time.  But I didn’t go to Thompson Children’s Home one time.  Not even once.   Never.  Nil.   I had to volunteer 12 hours.  The whole month.  I didn’t go fill out the paperwork.  I didn’t  call.  I had really good intentions.  Every week, I would declare that I was going to call, fill out my paperwork, and volunteer my ass off.  Never happened.  I was too “busy”.  When I looked at other April blog posts it looks like I was “busy” going to Food Truck parties, doing crafts with my kids, being the best wife ever, and having photo shoots.    I was not too busy to go.  I just did not make the time to go.  There.   Admitted.  I am going to not feel guilty and move on.  I am human and real.  (And from what I hear, that is one of the things you like about reading my blog.  And I promise I’ll make it up and then some)


I want to grow.  And I want others to grow.  So, I am setting out to give 12 hugs a day.  (and my immediate family doesn’t count.)

Hugs encourage intimacy, build relationships and lift spirits. People who hug frequently enjoy happier relationships, better moods, lower blood pressure and less stress than those who hug on an irregular basis.  And I could be saving the world.  Yes.  The Elephant Journal published THIS ARTICLE about why hugs are just as important as saving the world!  Save the world?  Why not?  I mean.  I would feel better about not volunteering last month if I saved the world and everything.

This has been a fun one so far…Here is a look at who I have been hugging!


This is Kelly, my dental hygienist.  I love her.  I love going to the dentist so she and I can catch up.  I am one of those annoying patients who talk the entire time.  While she is flossing, I am trying to talk.  While she is scraping, rinsing, polishing I am talking.  There is never a dull moment.   (Plus, she calls cavities “grooves” so I am technically still in the No Cavity Club.  And for the record, I have only had two grooves ever.  And they were like half grooves. )


This is my friend and fellow yoga teacher,  Rachael, and that is a baby in her belly.  I hugged them both.


And this hug was a long, snuggly sweet one.  This is my  8 week old nephew,  Declan.  He flew all the way from Dubai just to see me.   He smelled the way new babies smell and I am madly in love.  (Only a little bit of  baby fever.)

These hugs were all well and good.  I know these folks.  But to really do this right, I am going to have to get a little crazy though.  So,  I hugged the waitress at Hickory Tavern, seven trees in my neighborhood,  and 2 people at Publix today.   (I hope I don’t get arrested this month)

Do you need a hug?  Do you know someone who could use a hug?  Leave me a comment and maybe I will pay you a visit!    It’s like I get to be Santa this month.   (or Satan for people who hate hugs.)



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4 thoughts on “May: Project 12”

  1. Okay Kacy here is the request for a hug ! Does it include travel to different states to give they away ??

  2. I’m a huggaphobe. This is not the project for me. I have anxiety thinking about it. I am big on my personal space. Immediate family is fine.:-) I’m not going to help save the world sorry.

    1. Ha ha ha Staci! I am totally going to give you a really big sweaty hug when I see you!

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