Merry (after) Christmas!

I spent the morning of  Christmas Eve prepping food, and teaching  at Y2 Yoga in the afternoon to a group of amazing yogis.


These mini caprese salads were a hit at the party!


My husband (who doesn’t like fish) loved these!  Just a sliced cucumber with veggie cream cheese, topped with smoked salmon.

I was asked by my pastor to be a lay reader for the Christmas Eve church service.  All went well, except when the lights went out.  We each lit a candle and I was walking to light the candles in the congregation… I tripped in the center of the church.  I popped up quickly and laughed it off, but obviously people saw me.  I forgot my mike was still on, so when I pretended to fall into a man and died laughing, everyone heard.    It is awesome to be so human.


All the cousins together on Christmas Eve!


My big gift was this food processor!  I am excited to make some new recipes–There are so many I have been dying to try.


Toby and his giant candy cane.  He is actually scared of this thing!  He refuses to eat it, and runs away if I try to set it near him.   If you have a dog that loves rawhides, please let me know!  It is all yours.

After the morning of craziness with the kids and Toby, my husband and I got a chance to sneak away to hot yoga.  I love practicing with my hubby.

We ended up outside enjoying the amazing weather with a long walk around the neighborhood with Toby and the kids and my niece.  After 4 days of cold and rain, I really enjoyed the sun and warm weather.  That was the ultimate Christmas present!

We just got back from the movies…Go see Annie.  It is fabulous!

I love how we have some of the same traditions year after year, and create new ones too.

Now, for New Year’s Eve planning.  I think we are going to lay low and grill some giant steaks.

What are your plans?

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