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I have always been interested in astrology, from reading my horoscope to begging for people to clear my “channel”.  I am drawn to people who are in touch with their own intuition.  I see a medium every six months, remember she was one of people I spent money on for Project 12 in March??  I binge watch Theresa Caputo.  My mom and I even saw her live last month!

It makes sense that I have been dying for Blake to read my chart for over 3 years now.  We finally nailed down a time for her to read my natal chart.  Just like everything else in my life (and yours too!), timing is EVERYTHING.   Half of the stuff she told me wouldn’t have made any sense 3 years ago.  But the way my life has unfolded in the past few years has helped me to piece together so much. Blake write about astrology on her website Leo Moon Rising, and meets with clients to discuss their natal charts and solar return charts.   She wants people to learn more about themselves, and accept and love what they find.

IMG_9066 We met up for my reading, and I was so impressed with her!  She had my chart pulled up on her iPad, plus she had  print outs for me.  Am I the only one who always likes a print out?

So, what did I learn from my reading?

I have lots of air and water in my chart.  Hello.  Lots of communication.  Have you met me?

I am Cancer and Libra strong-that means I am nurturing, tenacious, diplomatic, and harmonious.  It also means I can be overly protective and judgemental at times.   Yikes.

I am particularly sensitive to the ebb and flow of family life.  Safety and security at home are vital factors for my health and happiness.  Yes.  Remember this post?

My houses are strong in 3rd, 8th, 9th, and 10th.  Communication, support from others, higher learning, and public life.  ALL ON POINT.

She also told me some pretty awesome stuff about my marriage and my kids.  (Yes…she can read your children’s chart too!)

My bottom line?  My re-occurring self-doubt.  My head and my heart continue to argue with each other.  And my intuition is never invited in the debate.  What am I afraid of?  What do I want?  These are some tough questions.  Thanks to Blake,  I have some strategies to figure out how to get the answers.  (No, she doesn’t give you the answers!  Astrology is a tool to get perspective in life, not a crystal ball!) I could go on and on, but my chart could bore you.  You need your own chart, with your own planets, houses, moons, and ascendants!

IMG_9113 Isn’t this so cool?  This is my natal chart.  If someone looked up and took a picture of the sky the minute I was born this is what it would look like.    I love that Blake gives you this folder when she does a reading.  A lot of information is discussed and it can be a little overwhelming.  I have gone back and re-read my folder several times this week already.

You know you want your own reading and your own folder.  Don’t wait any longer!  Uranus is counting on you.  Hahahaha!

Readings usually take 1-1.5 hours and cost $150.  Mention my blog and she will give you 10% off!

Email Blake:

Check out her Facebook Page for Current Sky Updates:  CLICK HERE

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