North Carolina Academy for the Advancement of Teachers

I am heading out of town for a week at NCAAT.  This is a special place for teachers.  You get your own bedroom/bathroom, time to reflect (while hiking!), meet and collaborate with others, and it’s free!  Created by teachers for teachers–this is a place to grow, learn, and remember why you went into this in the first place.

Since I am verging on burn out, this could not have come at a better time

One thing that causes me a little anxiety about my trip is the food that is served there.  A chef prepares our meals daily, which is awesome since I don’t have to cook or clean for 5 days.  But not having control over my food makes me feel a little panicky.


I think the teacher who came up with NCAAT thought that teachers must be starving.  Seriously.  Besides those 3 meals a day that the chef prepares, there are snack tables with giant cookies, cakes, danishes, donuts, and brownies piled high.  I think I may have seen a banana on the table last time I went.  And one grape.   The fridge is our common area is stocked with all kinds of crap I don’t want to eat.  But kinda do…

I will remind myself that, “That’s not my food.”  If the table was filled with crack and crack pipes, would I partake?  Absolutely not!

I went to an awesome intention setting workshop at Y2 this weekend.  The main thread was that the energy you put out is the energy you will get back.  Going to work with dread brings dread back in.  Worrying that I’ll eat 87 brownies on my trip makes me even more worried.

I’m going to this workshop with positive and hopeful energy.   I am coming back with a renewed spirit, and not cracked out on sugar.

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