#NeatinNov Update 1

I am actually really enjoying this challenge this month.  I appreciate the feedback from you too!  People have commented on feeling lighter, that it is easier to breathe, and can we please do this again another month.  Agree, agree, and YES.    I know your house/life/career/relationships are not going to be perfect by completing this project.  But, you have to admit, when your day kinda sucks, and your kitchen counters are clear and clean, you may even be able to manage a half smile.

If you missed the boat on November 1st, it is not too late to play.  I built in some catch up days.    Check out THIS POST explaining the day by day, or follow me on Instagram for daily reminders.

Here is a look at how we have been doing thing around here…

Day 1 was easy.   All you had to do was simply commit to the challenge.  I asked my family if they wanted to have the absolute best month ever and compete in a really awesome challenge, and they all agreed.  After I got their word, I explained the challenge.  There was a little whining, and possibly some eye rolling, but they were still on board.



Day 2:  Clean out your silverware drawer.  I enlisted the help of my favorite little boy in the universe and this took all of 7 minutes.  Only because we couldn’t decide if we should keep the baby spoons.  (They are fun to eat applesauce with?)


Day 3:  Clear off your kitchen counters.  I had a home phone base over here, 3 picture frames, and a stack of mail.  Moved it all, and I felt a little lighter.


On this side, I moved the toaster, a lamp, and my cutting boards.  I felt like I could breathe a little easier.  This was the day that sucked, but I managed a half smile.  And this took 5 minutes.


Day 4:  the fridge.


My daughter and I took everything out, and began to get the drawers and shelves out so we could wash those with warm soapy water.    We started this project on a school night right before bed time, but we knew it would only take us 20 minutes, tops.  (This is foreshadowing.)

This chore took us a little longer because whoever made my refrigerator thought it would be a good idea to have NOTHING FIT BACK IN.  Luckily my husband came home before I started breaking shelves, or deciding if we could just live with no fridge, and keep our food outside all winter.


This one was such a good sport though.  She has even said that she loves that the daily challenges are all broken down and we can knock them out quickly.

IMG_9026After wiping out the grossness , my husband put the shelves and drawers back in and Kadyn and I organized it.  This was the hardest day, but possibly the most rewarding.

Day 5:  clean your baseboards.  I am too embarrassed to show you the picture I took of the cloth I used.  I wondered how Toby could possibly have any hair?

I would love to hear from you!  Are you doing this with me?   What day has been the hardest for you?

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