#NeatinNov Update 2

I hope you are enjoying the challenge this month–We are almost halfway through!  I really love getting my whole family involved and how these little steps every day have added up to a cleaner, neater, more organized home!  It is not too late to join in, I promise-I included catch up days!  Check out this post showing how we started out this month.

Here is a look at the past few days around here!

Day 6:  Go through the junk drawer and weed out the junk.  (I am ashamed to admit we have a few junk drawers.)  I just picked one because I am busy and I made this challenge for us busy people.  This is supposed to be helpful, not stress us out!


This cutie has really loved helping me out with the daily challenges.  Here is my sweet Kadyn unloading our kitchen junk drawer.


Before and after.  Why oh why did we have diaper rash ointment?  It is perfect for that nasty rash kids get when they are at the beach boogie boarding.  But it doesn’t belong in the junk drawer, but lots of pens, gum, and duct tape go there.

Day 7:  Pour a drink and delete old emails.  I planned to do this in the evening and drink a glass of wine, but I had a giant coffee and did it in the morning instead.


Day 8:  Rest or catch up day!  I bought this simple bouquet at Harris Teeter…it was on sale for $3.99.  It was actually bigger, so I was able to make another little one and put it in the bathroom.  We have all enjoyed the beauty of fresh flowers all week.


Day 9  Clean out the air vents and change the filter.  My husband actually took this outside and used the leaf blower to get the dust off.  No, it was not that dusty.  He just wanted to use the blower because that is what guys do and we will never understand.  (He also took that opportunity to clean our room fan with the leaf blower too, so I am not complaining!)  My son is just here to be cute.  He didn’t help.   But he is cute, so who cares?


Day 10:  Books!  Daniel and Brody went through his books and we were able to donate 2 big bags of books to a family with 2 little boys who will enjoy them!

Day 11:  Call/go online and opt out of junk mail.  I have so much of this daily, and I am pretty good about recycling it right away.  But why even bring it in your house?

Day 12:  Organize under your bathroom sink.  I parted with those little hooded baby towels  finally– considering my children are almost 8 and 11 it was about time.   I also was able to put the diaper rash ointment in the correct spot since on day 6 I just literally threw it under the sink and slammed the door.  Hey–my focus was on the junk drawer that day!


Day 13:  Clean out your purse.  I also made my kids clean out their backpack.  Well, this kid.  My other kid is no longer allowed to use a backpack because he was taking stuff to school and starting a “prank” club.  (Yes.  I still need all those prayers please.)

Day 14:  Rest day or Catch up day!  I used today to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy.  🙂

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