#Neatinnov Update 3


I haven’t given up on this month’s challenge yet…and I hope you haven’t either!  I had a friend who confessed she  just joined us on Day 13.  I was so proud of her attitude.  She wasn’t getting herself all stressed about  late.  Instead, she said, “Half a month of organization is better than no month of organization.”  YES.

Here is a look at our days this week:

IMG_9197 - Copy

Day15:  Toby and I tackled underneath the kitchen sink.  Meaning, I cleared stuff out, and he smelled everything and watched me sleepily.  He did not help me with all those breakfast dishes afterwards either.   He is over this challenge.

Day 16:  Deleted the pictures off my phone.  I use shutterfly, so I uploaded all my new photos to the app.  Then I went through my 1,654 pictures, and kept 1, 017 of my favorites on my camera roll.  Hey- that is progress!

Day 17:  Clean out drawers.   I did this recently, so it wasn’t too much work.  I just need to straighten up the clothes a little, and ditch some of the socks that lost their match.

Day 18:  Clean out closet.  I did this also recently, so I went through and organized a little more.  I actually hung my shirts in color order.  Yes, like Goodwill.  My husband already pointed that out with a laugh.  I noticed that I have an overabundance of black and white shirts.  (I think I need some color in my life!)


Day 19:  Sorted through the old medicines with the help of my daughter.  I had children’s ibuprofen that expired in  2012.  Whoops.

Day 20:  Rest/Catch up Day!  (These are my favorites!)


Day 21:  Organize your entry way.   This is the first thing that you see when come into your home.  Above is the before picture of ours.  My husband built this amazing bench a few years ago complete with hooks,  cubbies and all kinds of amazing things to help us stay organized.  We have kinda just been just throwing all our crap on it.   Everyone in the family has at least 3 coats out, there are scarves and hats scattered around, and don’t even get me started on those Target bags.  (AKA-Brody’s lunchboxes)


Here is the after.  I am proud of my husband’s handiwork, and I want to see that in this bench.  We all picked a hook, and hung one thing.   My husband wasn’t home, so I hung 7 visors on his hook.   Under the bench, we designated one basket for umbrellas and one for hats/scarves/gloves.


Day 22:  Go through all the writing utensils and toss the broken, faded and not working ones.  This frustrates me beyond belief.  We have more things to write with in this house than you can even imagine.  But only one pen works.  And it’s in my car.  And it’s winter, which means I would rather prick my finger and write with my own blood than go get that pen.


Look how cute my daughter organized her pens/pencils for her desk.  She even commented that she will probably do better on her test Monday since she is so organized!  See, even kids get it.

Physical Clutter=Mental Clutter

How is the challenge going for you?  Don’t be afraid to start now…we are nearing the home stretch!

Just in case you missed it…Her is a look at Post 1 and Post 2 summarizing our progress so  far!

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