November Project 12

As I have ripened to this amazing age of 36, I realize that some people are made to keep neat and tidy homes and other people are meant to teach a lot of yoga, be hot and awesome, and would rather pay someone else to clean.  I am obviously the latter.  I hired an angel to come over and clean my house every other week a few years ago and I could pinch myself for not doing it sooner.  I look back at those years when my kids were younger, and I was working full time.  Saturdays were spent cleaning house.  Meaning me cleaning, and me barking at everyone for not helping me.  Many times I would give up and throw in the towel.  I would remind my husband of a saying I heard one day that said something about good moms having messy houses.  (Because they are building memories!)


Seriously, who has time to do massive clean ups when there are autumn tissue paper flower centerpieces to be made.  Because you know we eat dinner all formal and fancy every night.


I decided to do another Instagram challenge! This one I am calling #neatinnov.  If you want to participate it is super easy!  You just follow me on Instagram and I will post your daily “chore”.    You can make it more fun by taking pictures of yourself doing the chore, posting it and tagging me!  Be sure you use the hashtags #itsapleasantlife #neatinnov

Guys.  this is not hard.  I am really lazy, and hate to do all this stuff.  Each chore should take no more than 15 minutes.  Crank up some music and have fun.

If you want to be hardcore and make a little calendar like I did here are the days in order.

  1.  Commit to the Challenge.  #neatinnov  (this is an easy day.)
  2. Clean out the silverware drawer
  3. Clear kitchen counters
  4. Clean out fridge
  5. Wipe baseboards
  6. Clean out junk drawer
  7. Pour a glass and delete old emails (Adult beverages work best.)
  9. Clean out the air vents.  (is it time for a new filter)
  10. Books– go through and lend or donate
  11. Junk Mail?  Opt out:  1-888-567-8688
  12. Organize under bathroom sink
  13. Clean out your purse
  14. REST DAY!
  15. Organize under kitchen sink
  16. Delete pictures from your phone (you know you have too many selfies and  food pictures.  Delete blackmail photos.  Be nice.)
  17. Clean out clothes drawers (be ruthless)
  18. Clean out clothes closet (try to take to donate)
  19. Sort through medicine cabinet  (bring me all the muscle relaxers)
  20. REST DAY!
  21. Organize your entry way
  22. Go through pens/markers/pencils (make a cute cup!)
  23. REST DAY!
  24. Walk around house with a garbage bag.  (and fill it up)
  25. Clean out hall closet
  26. Go through make up (wash your make up brushes)
  27. Get all the trash out of the car (I know it is Thanksgiving.  Chances are you are cooking/cleaning/talking/drinking wine.  Give your kids a Target bag and let them go to town.)
  28. Go through linens.
  29. Look under your bed, and get that crap out from under there.  (nightmares…)
  30. Attack your pantry.  (organize it, not eat.)

Peter Walsh wrote the book, Does this Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?  I will save you the Amazon purchase  The answer is yes.  So if you love your clutter and your fat butt, this is not the challenge for you.

If you want a really satisfying feeling everyday, do this with me.  (I can’t make any promises on the butt ya’ll.)


Around here, when Mom is happy, everybody is happy.  So we are doing this together.   I enlisted the help of my kiddos to make it look beautiful, since it will grace the door of the garage for an entire month.  Get your family on board with this!

Happy Neat Month!   See you Instagram!

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