October Project 12



I saw this and found it interesting, because my bed is all I want some mornings and it is very much inside my comfort zone!

On a more serious note, it is easy to become a creature of habit, and to get stuck in ruts.  Routine is a good thing…don’t get me wrong.  But there is a fine line between enjoying structure and just “getting by”.   I don’t want to look back and see that I just survived this life…I want to look back and see how I THRIVED!  So throughout this next month I am stepping out of my comfort zone, and leaping into the unknown.  (Of course I am terrified.  But thrilled also.)

Of course God has already paved the way for some of this craziness.  If you have an adventurous spirit, you may not think any of this is crazy.  I love routine, structure, control, so some of these things I am doing are baby steps.

I’ll never forget one time my husband cleaned out the silverware drawer.  (dreamy….)  I opened it and my first thought was NOT:  “Awwww.  I have the sweetest husband ever and I should play the piano with him right now.”  (That is what he was expecting because he knows my love language. ) Instead, I shout, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!”  and begin to have heart palpitations, and smoke comes out of my nose, and I am bawling my eyes out…all because the little forks and the big forks were switched.


I’ve been going to FlyBarre 3 days a week.  I love my new schedule, and I have felt really good about going.   Well, wouldn’t you know on October 1st, they changed the schedule.  I couldn’t go.  I was devastated of course, so I  tweeted some ugly stuff, whined to my husband, and then decided to take my dog on a long walk.  The weather was beautiful, and I loved seeing his ears bounce up and down with every step.  We walked for an hour, and I listened to music, and soaked up the sunshine.  (Toby must have talked with God to set up that FlyBarre schedule change. )


Then I start reading this book…It is no secret that I am madly in love with  obsessed with very interested in the writings of Jen Hatmaker.  Her book 7 shook me up enough to start my whole Project 12 idea. Well, this is the book before 7.  It lit fire under my butt, and I can’t wait to take the reins on this bad boy.   Project 12 will live on!

I am reading this for my circle at church, which happened to meet on Wednesday.   October  1st.  The same day Toby and I took our long walk.  The same day I committed to step outside my cozy box.

I wanted to list my 12 outside my box things I was going to do, but as I was doing that, it seemed too structured.  What if I just see what happens if I list a few and let others fall in my lap?

Here are some ideas I am pondering for this month:

  • meditating
  • ordering a new style of coffee/tea at Starbucks
  • new style of yoga- maybe Jivamukti?
  • marma massage
  • prayer wall
  • letting a waiter order the entire meal for me
  • take a dance class with my husband
  • eating vegan for a weekend
  • try a new ethnic food-maybe Ethiopian
  • not wear any make up for a week
  • letting my kids plan and prepare a dinner
  • take a social media break
  • not make a list of some sort–daily to do, meal plan, grocery…
  • let my husband plan a date night

You can see a lot of what seems to cause discomfort for me is relinquishing control.  What scares you?  What would it take for you to step outside your comfort zone? 

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2 thoughts on “October Project 12”

  1. Love this and ita so true!
    Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens. 🙂
    I would not be so timid about selling even though I know there are tons of people who would live and need what I’ve got. ….:(

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