On the Mend

Isn’t it funny how kids are so much more resilient than adults?  My kids had the stomach bug and seriously barfed all night long on Monday.  By lunch the next day my son wanted to go to Chick Fil A.  WHAT??  I on the other hand am just now feeling normal.  24 hours is not a fair estimate for adults.  I do not remember Tuesday very well at all.  I recall a bath with Epsom salt because I felt like a train ran me over.   I was able to function on Wednesday long enough to teach a private lesson, and then 2 classes–all straight up zombie-mode.  Yesterday was a little better…I was able to practice and teach and hold a conversation.    Today,  I am happy to report that I am a functioning member of society!  I’m glad to be back in the human world and eating (my)normal food.  Queasy stomach foods, like dry toast, saltines and ginger ale are no good for my UC.

I did  make this super easy soup for my kids…perfect thing to have on a queasy stomach.  I don’t normally eat potatoes…but since I ate one  cracker over three days, I figured the carbs couldn’t hurt.


I used to make this soup all the time back in my Weight Watcher days.  I remember it being 2 points per cup, which is around 100-120 calories.  You just throw these 3 ingredients  in the crockpot and you have delicious potato soup when you get home!  (you can sub Potatoes O’Brian if you like peppers.  I also used to add chopped broccoli.)

I leave for Mexico in 2 weeks!  I know how this sounds, but this was pretty good timing with this stomach bug.  I lost almost 6 pounds.  I have already admitted to pretty much a lifetime of disordered eating and disordered body image, so please don’t comment that I need counseling.  The pot at the end of the barf rainbow is that you are always lighter.   And I’ll take it.  I caught my child’s throw up with my bare hands people.  I deserve a medal.


I use the app:  MyFitnessPal.  I love it  and have used it for years!  I love this feature that shows the percentage of proteins/fat/carbohydrates.  (This is NOT what Superbowl SUnday’s pie chart looked like.)


I bought these because they were on sale and I love them!  I usually like to make my own protein shakes, but these are awesome to have on the go.  My husband is still working crazy hours and he needs quick and easy things too.  He lost over 40 pounds last year and has kept it off.  He hasn’t been able to make it home for dinner the past couple weeks, so I stocked up on some frozen meals.


Heating up frozen meals in the micro is NOT my recommendation for meals every night.  Right now is a very hectic time for my family.  This is one way we can make it easier on each other until things settle down in a few weeks.  When I am stressed and worn out I tend to turn to food that is not good for my UC or my waistline.  Having high protein meals/snacks on hand is a way to streamline my life a little for now.


TGIF!  Have a great weekend!  I’m looking forward to  a hot date with this little cutie tomorrow night!

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  1. I use my fitness pal too…when I use it. I need you to be my friend on there so I can have accountability to log my foods! Glad y’all are feeling better too!

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