Organized In October: Part 2

This month I have been using Marie Kondo’s method to bring magic into my life by tidying up and decluttering.  I have to admit that it is pretty magical.  I wish I could just hurry up and finish, but working is getting in the way of my magical tidying. That being said, I am going to continue this through November.  I desperately want to get things in order because the little bit I have done is great!

I started with clothes, and then I cheated and did a little Tupperware tidying as well.

Kondo suggests in her book not to mess with other people’s stuff.  I have been messing with other people’s stuff for years.  I have thrown out my hubby’s old tshirts, and gone in my kids rooms and filled up trash bags.  She says the magical energy will catch on, and to not do that.  I decided to trust the process, although extremely doubtful.

It catches on ya’ll.

After school the other day my son ask me if I would help him get rid of some stuff.  he wanted to feel like me.  We filled up 2 bags…one trash, and one to donate!


I came home from teaching yoga and my husband and my daughter purged their clothes.  I swear, I didn’t ask them, tell them, or bribe them.  They just did it!  They even folded their shirts using the Kondo method.


Next up, books!  I had each child look through their books and pick 25 to donate.  One picked to donate their school, the other the library.  This was hard for me.  I could only pick 7 books to donate.  They all bring me joy!  I’ll try again in a few weeks.


I cheated again and did a room.  This little office was so filled with junk I couldn’t get any work done.  When I left for my yoga retreat, I hinted that I would love to have some stuff gone.  When I got home, I was thrilled to see my husband listened to the hint!  He took out a broken bookshelf, a TV, an extra desk, and a huge hutch that went on top of this desk.  (This room is tiny.  I have no idea how all that fit in this room)  I locked myself in this room and went through books, files, papers, and make it a productive space.


This is my favorite part of my new office.  My assistant Toby likes to nap in here while I work.  <3

Have a great weekend!  xo

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