Organized In October- update 1

This is tough.  And the excess that we live in is just plain gross.  This month for Project 12, I am trying to get organized.  I do a ton of work from home, and I want to recreate my office space so I can blog and work my Plexus business with maximum  success.  I decided I would start by de-cluttering using the magical book by Marie Kondo.


I started with tops.  I took every shirt I owned and threw it on my bed.  This is insane.  And I know I have less than most.


She teaches you to fold things so they are in neat little rectangles, and store it upright in your drawer.  That way you can see everything, versus the old stacking method.


I love seeing all my yoga pants ready to wear!  Some of these don’t bring me joy.  But, there are days that I go through 3-4 yoga outfits and doing laundry doesn’t bring me much joy either.

I completed shirts, pants, dresses and shoes.  I still have to go through socks, undergarments, and outer wear.


I needed a break from clothes, so I moved to the kitchen for a quick Tupperware cabinet clear out.  Can you believe I had 18 pieces that didn’t match?

(She does not promote doing things this way.  The Marie Kondo method suggests sticking with the category until it is complete.  So, I need to get my butt back in my room and finish up my clothes.  The problem is, I was looking for a Tupperware and couldn’t find any lids and got frustrated.  So, I just felt compelled to do this really quick.)


Two GIANT trash bags filled with pants, shirts, shorts, dresses, and shoes off to The Matthews Help Center.

Have you had any luck with this magical art of tidying up?  I would love to hear where your head is at with all this!  Leave me a comment and let’s share.  xo


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