Organized in October

I stumbled across this amazing book…I think it is magical and can change lives.  If you can, go order it now.  If not, no worries!  I will give you the gist of it through out the month in my Project 12 this month….Organized in October.



Marie Kondo is a guru of tidiness and has a waiting list MONTHS long to have her come and work with you.  She takes tiding to a totally new level in this book and promises that if you properly simplify and organize your home once, you will  never have to do it again.


Remember we did that little neatness challenge last November?  Well, we were doing it all wrong. Whoops.

So we are going to try the KonMari Method.  You clean/purge/tidy by category, not area of the house.  Doing it this way leads to lasting results…not one of her clients has relapsed.

Here is the deal.  With each category, you pile all the items together.  You pick up each item and ask yourself, “Does this item bring me joy?”  If the answer is no, you either trash it or donate it.

Start with clothes.  She recommends getting every single item of clothing and putting it in a big heap.  (Can you imagine how gross this is going to be?  We live in such massive excess, especially with clothing.)  To narrow it down a little more, you can start with tops, then bottoms, then outerwear, socks and so on.

After clothing, comes books, then papers, random things, then last things with sentimental value.  You do this for your items only…meaning I cannot go throw out half of my husband’s 97 t-shirts.  No going through my kids rooms with a garbage bag while they are at school.  Supposedly, my family will feel the energy shift when I am tidying.  It is catching.  🙂

So, Monday morning, I am starting with clothes.

Anyone else ready to take on this challenge with me?







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