Our Newest Family Member!



We were going to get a new puppy this summer, once I stop working.  We figured we would be ready with a new leash, collar, toys, food, bowls and all the things you need to welcome a new puppy.  Instead, we got one a little earlier and rushed around to make it work.  And, we couldn’t be happier.  Toby was found abandoned in an apartment complex by a friend.  I kept looking at his sweet picture she posted…plus, I love the name.  My grandaddy had a dog named Toby for about 15 years while I was growing up.  I figured it was meant to be, so I proceeded to make Toby mine!

I decided we would foster Toby for the weekend, and see how well he meshed with our family.  Friday afternoon and evening went perfectly, so Saturday morning, we went to PetSmart and engraved a tag with his name and our address.  He was ours!

Saturday we had just a little accident…Toby pooped in the house.  It wasn’t his fault.  I guess it was a miscommunication between my husband and I.  See, when I tell my husband something, it comes out in this language that sounds like a mixture of Chinese and that Peanuts mom.  So, when I told him to feed Toby 2 cups of food for dinner, he fed him 4 cups.  That language barrier caused poor Toby to feel like he had been at buffet dynasty.

Toby is a sweet puppy who wants to be loved on all the time!  And we do it.  We figure since he is 4 months old, that makes him about 2 in people years.  He splashes in every puddle on our walks, and he wants to be with you no matter what you are doing.  I can’t even get up to go get water without him following me!  Yesterday, my husband was working on the chicken coop, and Toby kept climbing up the ladder following him!  He would climb all the way to the fourth ladder rung and fall down.  He also would climb to the top of the kids tree house…but he doesn’t know how to get down.  So, my husband made Toby a little zipline.  This has been a lifesaver in the morning.  I get up earlier than the rest of my family…so I put him on this and he plays on the deck and the yard while I get ready!


Toby on his zipline! See his tail…it looks like it was dipped in white paint! 

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