Photo Shoot Time!


Ashley Masters and I have done a Yin Yang Workshop at Y2 Yoga for several years now.  It became so popular, we decided to take our show on the road!




The Yang portion is a powerful practice, flowing and connecting breath to movement.  The first hour, I lead the yogis through postures that help develop core strength, muscle tone, balance and stamina.  The Yin hour is led by Ashley.  (she is also the one who gave me my Thai Massage)  The yin postures of stillness allow the yogis to enhance circulation, clear energy blockages, and deeply stretch the muscles.  You leave the workshop feeling like you had an awesome workout, plus a massage!

Want to sign up?  We will be at Mint Hill Yoga on  April 12th, and Okra Charlotte on  May 31st!




We had so much fun doing the shoot.  Wanda Koch was our photographer, and as  you can see, she is amazing!

Wanna sign up?  We will be at Mint Hill Yoga on April 12th, and Okra Charlotte on May 31st!


It has been a year since I had head shots done, so Wanda shot some of those while we were there too!


My daughter was really impressed that Wanda was able to not get any of my zits in the picture.  (I grounded her)


This is my favorite.  I showed it to my kids this morning, and they both wanted to take a picture (of the picture) for show and tell.  (I un-grounded her and make him French toast.)



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