Project 12: Take 2!


10 beautiful souls showed up last Sunday morning at Vital Yoga Center for the second donation class of Project 12.


This was the reading I chose for the class that morning.  So true.  And sometimes we need to increase the dose of the love we give to others to make up for those who are emotionally unavailable to give in that way.   Many of the children at Thompson need this love and care, so the support shown so far in September has been incredible.    I challenged my students to increase their dose of love even by a teaspoon this week and see what happens.  Just as a test–go out in this amazing world with a loving,  kind heart.  Increasing the dose of forgiveness, peace and gratitude.


I also coached these students through a long series of backbends.  A few more than I usually put in the sequence, but backbends are so energizing.  We need that radiating, positive energy to go out in the world giving our best and increasing our love dose!


This second class brought in way more toiletries…my first class I had one lonely deodorant donation.  We ended up with $75, and this pile of awesomeness to donate!  Vital Yoga Center also has a connection with a shoe distributor, who is willing to donate new shoes in various sizes to Thompson.  Think about how many hand-me-downs the children there are used to getting, and what joy a brand new pair of shoes will bring!

Do not miss the next events…

Wednesday 9/17  6:30-7:30pm at Rooftop210 at the Epicenter.  (DJ Jazzy Jimmy is going to spin it out while we vinyasa!  There will  cocktail specials for after yoga…. and the amazing Wanda Koch will be photographing this event. )

Saturday 9/20 2:00-3:00pm at OM Yoga  (this counts towards your 21 day challenge OM yogis!)

Thursday 9/25 9:30-10:30am at The Cornwell Center  (Last one– Don’t miss it!)

Do you want to help, but can’t make it?  I’m all over this city!  Check out my teaching schedule, and you can just drop off your donation at any of the studios by Friday 9/26. 



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