Project 12 Update!

I am so happy that September Project 12 has turned out so well.  And to think—I only did this to make up for not volunteering in April.  Patrick, who works at Thompson said this was a much better way to go, since I would have just gotten in the way!


These are 5 of the 11 yoga students who showed up at OM Yoga on Saturday for the fourth donation class.  The weather was so perfect, we opened the windows during practice.  OM is a such a beautiful studio located right in  Fort Mill, SC.  Maria, the owner was kind enough to donate the space for the cause!


We raised $80, and received 11 more deodorants to add to the bundle! I cannot wait to deliver all these collected toiletries and a giant check to Thompson at the end of this month!   I have $1311 so far, and one more donation class to go.   (It is this Thursday,  September 25 9:30-10:30am at The Cornwell Center.)

After teaching two classes on Saturday, and leading a private session,  I was grateful to get my own practice in at Y2 Yoga and take my friend Shanna‘s class.

My family made plans to go to Which Wich for dinner.   I love their lettuce wraps…and they have the best crushed ice!  My daughter must have forgotten where I was, so she sent me this message.  I think we all wish there was a bacon emoji, right?

I love where my daughter and I are right now.  We butted heads for a few years, and I am so scared she is going to be all teenager-y soon  and we will have to start all over.  For now,  I try to just savor these moments.


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