Project 12 Update!

It is still October, and I am still trying to live outside my comfort zone.  I tell my yoga students all the time, “Try to get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

I have no idea how much I weigh, which has been very uncomfortable.   I have had days where I felt kind of skinny and wanted to get it out and weigh myself, but left it in the garage.  There have been days where I am very glad it is in the garage.  Like today for example…


Last night,  I  figured out I have been drinking Pepsi instead of Diet Pepsi for the past two weeks.  I have one of these caffeine free bad boys about every other night.  (I know they are horrible, but I used to drink 3- 4 a day!)  So, yes.  I have been ingesting 200 calories and 50 grams of sugar, then going to bed.  As far as I am concerned, sugar is evil.  The only reason I am happy about this is that it completely confirms that sugar is evil.  I have been experiencing stomach cramping and other unmentionable UC symptoms the past two weeks.  I am not under any stress, and I have made no other dietary changes.  PROOF that sugar is like swallowing little pills that explode into barbed wire and tear up your intestines and colon.  Go to hell sugar!

I tried a new style of yoga…Jivamukti, at a studio I have never practiced at before.  (this is a big deal for me, ya’ll.)


My friend Sharon was waiting for me on a rocking chair outside of Yoga Shala, a cute little studio off Park Road.  We went upstairs, where Tai lead us through our practice.  Jivamukti means “liberation while living.”


I loved the class.  I had to listen very carefully to Tai’s cues, so I was completely out of my monkey mind, which is a good thing!  Jivamukti  classes can be quite physically intense…this one was!  Each class has a theme, which is explored through yoga scripture, chanting, meditation, asana, pranayama, and music.  Tai continued to bring us back to the intention of letting go of old habits, and forming new ones.  Basically to step out of our comfort zone.  Hello.  Sound familiar?  (Again…there are no coincidences.)

I also didn’t freak out when I felt a hair on my cheek…that one must have finally grown back from the Lazy 5 Ranch.  Comfortable Kacy would have driven straight to CVS and bought some tweezers.  Instead I just let it go.  It’s October so I am Uncomfortable Kacy.   I even rolled down my window and let it flap in the wind a little.


And then I made this prayer wall.  I am going to rotate out the sticky notes weekly.  I see these daily when I am getting ready in the morning.   These have helped me to actually pray for people.  You know how you say you’ll pray for people, and then its Sunday again and you are all like…uh, oh, um, whoops.  I really want to be a prayerful person so I have been praying for these people…out loud.  I know God can hear me when I pray silently.  But praying out loud takes a lot of guts.

Would you like to be on my prayer wall?  Leave a comment, and I will add you.  I need the practice and you need the prayers.  🙂


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