March Project 12 Update


I saw this picture as I was scrolling through my facebook feed this morning…just what I needed to reassure myself.  Although my March Project 12 might look a little more like an arrow facing south…towards hell.  Seriously, I am going to have to redo this month.  It has not been that hard.  I was expecting more of a struggle.  The generosity of others has been amazing.   And I may or may not have found a way to cheat the system.  (I am trying to fess up and be honest here.  I am done with my lying ways.)

The good, the bad, and the ugly:

My mom bought me makeup, lunch, and perfume.  We reattached the umbilical cord a few years ago and it is amazing.  This falls under good.  She was being generous.


I have used Groupons at both Dresslers and Nakatos.  This falls under bad, because this is technically cheating.  Or is it?


Soccer season…Dicks is not on the list!  Wal-mart– and I got him slides too.  All for under $20!  This falls under good, because he is 7 and doesn’t care that these are from Wal-Mart.


This happened.  Technically not cheating because I used my Gold Card that had money on it from last month.  Plus, remember I gave up Diet Coke for Lent?  This was pretty much a need at the moment.  So, this falls under good.  (or maybe bad?  Just not ugly.  Ugly is coming.)


I had to use #11- Emergency Medical.  We had a little insurance hiccup, so we paid some money to the old blue cross.  Now  my prescription bill looks like this.  Good news for my UC.   (This falls under bad because we had to use emergency #11…but good because my pharmacy is at Harris Teeter and I didn’t buy anything else!)

These aren’t too bad, right?

Here is the ugly.  My friends and I  wanted to go to a restaurant otherwise not known as Salsaritas.  We They wanted to go to New South because it is awesome and has tapas, pimento cheese and Malbec, and basically because it is not Salsaritas.    I am allowed to buy gas.  So, I bought her gas.  She bought my dinner.  (I am being super honest here, so NO JUDGING….I said it was ugly.)

I still drive past a Fresh Market, Earth Fare and 10 Harris Teeters to get all my groceries at Wal-Mart.  I have said no to many lunch/dinner dates. (nobody want to go to Salsaritas except my kids!)  There are two yoga workshops I would love to take–but I can’t sign up this month.  The living social deals have been out of this world the past few weeks.  I really want to meet my friend for a mani/pedi.  I want to buy some new music for my playlists.  My kids want Chick Fil A.  And a pony.

But, my bills are paid, Wal-Mart is not so bad, Salsaritas has that cool drink machine.  And ponies probably stink.


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  1. You are living yoga off the mat girl! You’ve motivated me to continue to clear the clutter of our excessive life.

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