Project 12

What is Project 12?


When I read this book in December, it struck me pretty hard.  Hard like a snow shovel upside the head.  Like most Americans, I live in excess.  It is pretty disgusting.  This book is a true story about Jen Hatmaker fighting back.  She takes 7 months and identifies 7 areas of excess.   Her choices:  Food, Clothes, Spending, Media, Possessions, Waste, and Stress.  Her and her family spend the month eliminating, giving, saving, pausing.  It is very inspirational.

Project 12 is an experiment I am taking on.  I want to not only eliminate the excess I am swimming in, but I am also going to volunteer and give back.   I am excited to  show my children that giving away your time and talents for the sole benefit of others is the way to live.  That is how Jesus lived.  He did not have 12 pairs of tennis shoes.  He did not heal others for a paycheck.

I am going to take each month and give, eliminate, or share.  This is not going to be easy.  It isn’t supposed to be.  This is a learning experience and I am excited to share it with you!

Project 12: 2015 (check out this blog post for more details on these projects!)

January:   Blessing Bags

February: Love Letters

MarchNo eating out

AprilPhoto a day- Instagram Challenge

May:  Try 12 new recipes

JuneSpend 12 minutes alone, uninterrupted with my husband.

JulyWrite 12 things I am grateful for everyday


September:  Raise money for Thompson by teaching donation yoga classes.

October: #organizedinoct.

November:  #neatinnov

December:  The GG’s

Here is a look at the projects I did in 2014: 

January:  Make 12 Blessing Bags for the Homeless each week.

February:  Give away 12 items a week.

March:  Spend money at only 12 places.

April:  Volunteer 12 hours at Thompson Children’s Home.

May:  Give 12 Hugs a day.

June:  Wear only 12 items of clothing.

July:  Reduce our carbon footprint in 12 areas.

August:  Eat only 12 foods.

September:  Raise $1200 for Thompson Children’s Home by teaching donation based yoga classes.

October:   Try 12 new things —That are outside my “box”

November:  #NovemberNeatness

December:  12 acts of kindness

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