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Just Glo is the best skin care and med spa studio here in Charlotte.  I used to think it was because I was biased, since Mandy and I have been such good friends for 15 years.  But Just Glo is the talk of the town.  I’ve been going to see Mandy for a while now  to keep me looking young.  I’ve referred to it in the past as “facials”.  I’m ready to come clean….Mandy doesn’t do facials.   She zaps wrinkles away with injectables.  (my drug of choice would be Dysport!)


This is a photo from back in 2011.  I think teaching school for so long made me surprised about something the kids said! I raised my eyebrows so much, so high, and  for so long that those wrinkles were so deeply set in… they showed even when I wasn’t raising my eyebrows.  I love how Dysport has completely smoothed out those lines–but where I still have expression and don’t  look  plastic-y.   (I was also playing with brown hair here…I was recently diagnosed with my UC, so I was making all kinds of drastic changes. )


And back to being blonde.  Ha!

Mandy is one of those go getters who takes pride in her work, and always goes to conferences and takes part in professional development to improve. I love that she teaches others in the field new techniques too.  When you teach others, you get a deeper understanding yourself.   This is a picture of Celeste and I the day of my treatment, who is learning a new way of injecting Juvaderm XC in the lips from Mandy.    I agreed to be a guinea pig.  Because who doesn’t want fuller, plumper, younger looking lips?


I’ll admit, I was anxious about getting needles in my lips.


Luckily, Mandy gave me a powdered doughnut to settle me down.  Kidding.  This is numbing cream…BLT is what all the medical people call it.  Benzocaine/Lidocaine/Tetracane.  I was a little upset that the B didn’t mean bacon.    Juvederm XC also has lidocaine in it which helps with any pain during and after treatment.  If you are allergic to lidocaine, syringes can be ordered that do not contain the numbing agent.

Mandy and Celeste used Juvederm XC.  This product is FDA approved to last up to 12 months, but usually only lasts about 6 months in the lips.  In Mandy’s  experience, if you fill your lips again at the 4-5 mo. mark, the product will last longer.

They used a new technique called “strutting”.  A smaller gauge needle is used and the product is injected in small, vertical rows instead of long, horizontal lines.  This allows for a more natural look and lowers the risk of getting that roll-out of the lip that people refer to as “duck lips”.

IMG_8084The most common side effects are swelling, redness and/or bruising.  Occasionally a client will get “lumps” which is a collection of product in one area.  These can usually be reversed if taken care of in the first 48 hours.  Swelling usually lasts 2-5 days and bruises typically take 5-7 days to clear.  Arnica Montana can be taken before and after treatment to minimize bruising and aid in healing.  This photo I snapped in my car immediately after.  My lips were very swollen.  They got home before I did.



Top to bottom:  Before, immediately after, one day later, two days later.  I know the lighting is different in all the pictures, but I was in different places!  But you can see how the swelling goes down a little every day.


Right before on top, then on the bottom,  one week later.  I am seriously in love with these lips.  My husband hasn’t complained much either.  🙂


I went in for my one week check up and snapped this picture in my car afterwards.  You can see that all the swelling has gone down, and I’m left with a natural pouty look  that requires only a little gloss.  And I also have purple hair.  Because purple hair and pouty lips go really well together.  Ask my man.

Interested?  The cost is $500.  Mention my blog when you go in and you’ll get a 10% discount!

Just Glo
2727 Selwyn Avenue | Charlotte, NC 28209

704.817.9330 | info@justglostudio.com

just glo skin care studio and medspa
just glo skin care studio and medspa
just glo skin care studio and medspa







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