Recap of September Project 12!

This month has been one of the most rewarding Project 12s I have done so far.  I cannot believe the generosity that we have around us…not only the people who came to do the yoga.  I am so grateful to the studio owners who donated their space, Rooftop 210, my family and  friends who have helped me promote these events, and the connections at Thompson.  Everyone has been so supportive.


This is 9 of the 15 yogis who showed up for the last donation class.  This class brought in $180!


I thought this was awesome to get in the mail.  Just the fact that it is signed by the president, with a special note makes me feel special.  (and to think I got it before I even raised any money!)

The total check to Thompson will be for $1500.    My yoga classes brought in $1491, so I figured I’ll add that last little bit to even it out!

I have decided to do a monthly Epicentre donation class, with a portion of the proceeds going to Thompson.  This class will only be $15 and Rooftop210 will have specials for us!  They loved having us there a few weeks ago, so they want us back!  (When it gets cold, we can go into Whisky River!)  These classes will be the first Thursday of every month 6:30-7:30pm.  Below are the details for  the class this week:

epicentre yoga

Hope I see you this Thursday on the Roof! You can go ahead and sign up in advance by clicking HERE!

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