Road Trip!

My kids and I took a trip to Tennessee last weekend to visit family and to go to the annual ice cream social at their church.  My husband ended up staying in town because of a funeral, so it was just the kids and I.  He was a little worried about me going at it alone, since it was the first time back to Tennessee since my dad’s funeral.  I assured him I would be fine.  And I was fine…for the most part.  It was really hard.  The last few months have been hard with Easter, Father’s Day and then my dad’s birthday last month.  This was the toughest though.  I felt sad and heavy being at his church, and at his house.  I felt really sad for my step-mom, and she had a dream while we were there that I can’t shake.   I really kept thinking he was going to show up any second.


I kept having this flashback of my dad rolling up on his motorcycle in his overalls to the ice cream social last year.  I mean…seriously.  This picture alone makes me cry and giggle all at the same time.


A ton of happy happened too though.  We jammed out the whole car ride there…dancing and singing to music.  My kids and I  finally stopped at one of those scenic outlooks on the way down and got some pictures.  Look at those beautiful mountains and all that greenery!


I got to see my dad and give him a big hug.  After this we went to my Uncle Buck’s grave and then my Grandpa’s.  (Who wouldn’t be emotional?)


Handing out on the playground with my kids and my cousins.


Taking pictures with my daughter.


Did some swinging with my son.  (Swinging is good for the soul.)


Watched my son get dunked!  (and later my Aunt Kathy!)  I have to convince my husband to rig one of these up.  It would be awesome to raise money for church, a charity, even in place of a lemonade stand!

Grief is going to come and go in waves for me…I know this.  The good news is, I have so much happy in my life, and am filled with gratitude for all that I have.  I know my dad is with me always.

Thank you for reading and supporting me.  xo

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