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I sat down with my friend Claire, who has recently become a consultant with Rodan and Fields.  Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of this skin care line.  If you have been living under a rock, check out THIS PAGE.

Bottom line is that two of the most trusted (women!) doctors in dermatology have created a regimen for every skin type.   The ultimate goal is to clear up skin conditions such as acne, sun damage, or rosacea, then move on to the anti-aging regimen, Redefine.  Doctors Rodan and Fields have created a multi medical therapy approach that has less than a 1% return rate.  And yes… you can return if not pleased with results.  R+F has a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee!  If you have a drawer full of half used skincare products, or just don’t see the results you want, this is for you.


This is the basket of goodies Claire gave me!  I am starting with the UNBLEMISH skin care line.   This line includes a sulfur face wash, a dark spot fading toner, a dual intensive acne treatment, and an oil control lotion.  I just started using this on Monday (10/13).  I’ll post my results in a month, before I switch to the REDEFINE.


Here is a giant picture of my face.  Just do you know I won’t cheat when I take my after picture in November.  My skin is not horrible, but you can see I have some hormonal acne on my chin and jaw line, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  (brown spots that happen after a breakout has healed.


Acne not a problem for you?  The SOOTHE regimen is for Rosacea, and the REVERSE regimen clears up sun damage.   Once you take care of those issues, all roads lead to the REDEFINE.

SIDE NOTE:  I happened to have a private client, who is 38, and looks about 25.  A few weeks ago, I finally asked her how her skin looked so amazing, and turns out she is a consultant also and has been using R+F for a year now.

Claire also gave me 2 packets of Acute Care in my basket.  We all know I finally admitted to getting my wrinkle secret, and I am not scared of a needle.  (Dysport for president.  and Shine Tights for VP)

IMG_8794This is Claire’s before and after…after only 1 use.

Acute Care patches are designed to fill wrinkles while you sleep by using a patented liquid cone technology that melts into wrinkles to fill them up. 
They are like a clear bandaid that you place on wrinkle before you go to bed.  For best results,  you use once every 3 nights for a month,  then results last an additional two months!
The ONLY way you can get this product this month is to become a Rodan and Fields preferred customer by October  22. This means Claire gets you started on one of R+F awesome skincare regimens so your skin is perfectly primed for Acute Care.  (Plus you get 10% off!)

Check out her site at: 
Email Claire at :

Well… maybe there is one other way to get your hands on Acute Care.  Since I am not going to use my patches, I am giving them away!  On October 22, I will announce the two lucky winners will have the chance to fill up those wrinkles.  (Each pouch comes with 2 Acute Care patches)

Wanna fill a wrinkle overnight?  It is easy to win– 3 easy steps!

1.  Leave a comment below about why you should be one of the lucky winners.
2.  Share this blog post on Facebook and/or Twitter.
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16 thoughts on “Rodan and Fields”

  1. Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!! I have heard so many great things about R&F and was hoping to find a consultant in Charlotte. My biggest goal is to prevent aging and must try the Acute Care Patches! I have also subscribed to It’s A Pleasant Life:)

  2. Kacy, because I am afraid of needles and want a “Natural look” with a little help from ” my friends”.
    Pick me please! I have been talking to Claire.

    1. Shari- thanks for responding! Make sure you share this post on your FB page and sign up to get my blogs via email! Announce the winners tomorrow!

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